Altar linen red PAX and golden cross with rays

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Mass linens with red PAX and golden cross with rays.
Altar set, with gold and red cross embroideries, embellished with some golden stripes.
The altar cloth set is made of 4 parts:
- Pall (17 x 17 cm),
- Corporal (45 x 45 cm),
- Purificator (46 x 23 cm),
- Hand towel (46 x 24 cm).
The pall has a pocket with cardboard that can be pulled out and a laminated corner to prevent it from use.
The corporal has the symbols on all 4 faces, whereas the purificator only on two.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.1Kg
  • Materials: 100% linen
  • Origin: Poland
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