Animals for Nativity Scene

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Animals for Nativity Scene

Animals for Nativity Scene is the category where you can find a wide selection of Nativity Scene animal figurines. Ideal accessories for the DIY Nativity Scene and animals to enrich your nativity.

The nativity animals come in different sizes and materials such as; resin, wood, wood paste and PVC. Many articles include already set up scenes and glimpses. You can choose Christmas animal figurines of different styles (Classic, Landi, Moranduzzo etc.) and different animal figures: camels, chickens, horses, pigs, elephants, goats and many others. Among the animals for crib, the ox and donkey statues cannot surely be missed.

Thanks to filters you can also choose the size you prefer and collection, the animal size refers to its adaptability to the standing characters: animals for Nativity Scenes from 1 inch tall to real-life size (up to 6 ft tall).

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