Priest Vestments

Priest vestments, religious and priest clothing. In this department you will find clothing for priests of all types: clergy shirts, jackets, vests, crew neck, pullovers, fleece and polo neck with clergy.
All priest clothing that you will find are guaranteed by Marcellino brand: they are all items produced exclusively in Italy. Finally, in addition to clerical shirts, you will be able to find clergyman pins, to be applied to jackets or shirts.

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Lincoln Q. | 11/8/2022
I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with the prompt service and delivery of my ordered...
Joe B. | 11/7/2022
I write to place on record my gratitude and that of the priest for whom i recently procured a...
Deborah | 8/18/2022
Just received Statue today and it is the exact smaller version of Statue that has been part of...