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Magi with beard in terracotta for 13 cm Neapolitan nativity scene

Model: PR024838
$ 43.88
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Magi with beard in terracotta for 13 cm Neapolitan nativity scene.The nativity Magi figurine is for a 13 cm nativity set. It is made in Naples, Italy, the capital of the nativity scene tradition, and demonstrates the high quality of Italian craftsmanship.The terracotta body is dressed in worked and shaped fabrics.The limited availability of fabrics and the exclusively craftsmanship make each item special.

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Ho acquistato questo prodotto dubbioso sulla provenienza napoletana. Non appena ho ricevuto l'articolo mi sono subito ricreduto. Ben rifinito anche nel volto. La foto non rende bene. I colori dei vestiti splendidi. Grazie.


Très satisfait. De très beaux rois mages. Pas de regret d’avoir essayé la crèche napolitaine. L’apparence « tissu » donne un charme certain.

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Leighton | 5/25/2023
Following an enquiry and your superfast reply I placed an order for my Alb on Monday. It has arrived...
Ervin D. | 5/24/2023
5 rating on All the products I have ordered. And I will continue to buy more products each month....
Martin | 5/24/2023
I have ordered four resin statues so far from Holyart. Each time I was entirely satisfied with...