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Nativity Camel driver and camel 3 pcs natural Mountain Pine wood 10 cm

Model: PR031318
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Camel driver and camel 3 pcs Montano Pine Nativity natural wood 10 cm.Nativity scene accessory consisting of three pieces: the camel driver, the camel and its saddle.These nativity figurines were produced with great attention to detail. The expert Italian craftsmen have used a pantograph and hand finished. The wood used is the pine.This type of wood is particularly suitable for the creation of works of art, being soft. It also smells good and is reddish.Perfect to complete a 10 cm nativity scene.

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Veronica | 5/27/2024
They delivered it and I just opened it and everything is overwhelmingly gorgeous!!!!! The crosses...
Teddy | 5/20/2024
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