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Our Lady of Lourdes plaster statue, 40 cm hand painted Barsanti

Model: ST011204
$ 67.37
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Our Lady of Lourdes plaster statue, 40 cm hand painted Barsanti.
This beautiful saint statue depicts Our Lady of Lourdes. 100% made in Italy, hand painted and crafted by a well-known company, Arte Barsanti. Measures 40 cm.

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Una statua bellissima!! Ottima manifattura. Colori molto intensi e resiste benissimo all’eaterno.


I had visited a number of websites that offered Holy statuettes. I then happened to visit HOLYART and came across the statue of 'Our Lady of Lourdes' and decided to buy it. I was very pleased when the statue arrived within days of it having been ordered. The statue was very well made and represented good value for money.

Paula | 11/18/2023
Hello. Ordered St Catherine Siena statue Sat, Nov 11th...it was delivered today, Friday, Nov...
Sanrio | 10/26/2023
Aloha, I’m in tears to see the statue. It’s very beautiful. It arrives safely yesterday. May...
Pamela | 8/31/2023
Thank you and your colleagues so so much for everything as I received the Stole!! We will be to...