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The first e-commerce that sells religious items in Europe
"Le Journal de 20 heures" - TF1 December 20, 2019

Following Christmas tradition, here are some figures asking to find a place in the Nativity Scene.
We will take you to the largest European company for the...

Holyart - Il Timone
The article featured in "Il Timone"- January 2019.

Holyart, the Amazon of Faith: from garage to helping persecuted Christians all over the world
by "Il Timone" published January 2019

The apostolate is thanks to E-commerce, an innovative channel for selling online in the last decade. Stefano Zanni, founder of the Holyart, has no intention of stopping in this marketplace, at the Headquarters of Reggio Emilia, he has the pictures of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos hung up on the wall with Holy figures such as; Saint John Bosco and St. Pope John Paul II. His Holyart brand is the main channel of selling religious articles and products in Italy...

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Holyart - Gente
The article featured in the weekly magazine "Gente".

A Virgin Statue or a Chalice? Order and It Will Be Given
from “Gente” magazine n° 12 – 2019

“A Holyart customer must become a fan of Holyart, Surprise them and make them talk abut us”. This is the main business philosophy of Stefano Zanni, 48-year-old, which works perfectly. Together with business partner Gabriele Guatteri, 58-year-old, they are the creators of Europe's largest online store of religious items...

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Holyart - Il Venerdì di Repubblica
The article featured in "Il Venerdì di Repubblica" - 8 March 2019.

Order and It Will Be Given. Online
from "Il Venerdì di Repubblica"- 8 March 2019

Enter and the pantheon of Silicon Valley welcomes you: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbeg, and Jeff Bezos. Behind the giant-sized smiling pictures, there is a 5000 square meter warehouse with hundreds of thousands of: saints, icons, rosaries, statues, Our Lady of Lourdes, vestments, chalices, mass wine, and hosts to be consecrated. The liturgical Amazon is Italian and has its headquarters in Reggio Emilia...

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Holyart - Donna Moderna
The Holyart warehouse at the headquarters on Via Danubio.

Holyart: sacred arts, crafts and decor for daily life
by "Donna Moderna" published January 2019

Founded in 2007 by a challenge, Holyart has become the largest European platform for the sales of sacred arts and religious items with a unique 360 advantage. The company sells a wide variety of items ranging from: life-size statues to thousands of miniature Nativity Scene figurines, sacred furnishings and vestments, food and wine for mass, cosmetics and herbal products from monsteries and precious accessories for all special occasions...

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Holyart - Gazzetta di Modena
The article featured in "Gazzetta di Modena".

Architecture: a "seductive" vision
featured in "Gazzetta di Modena"- 13 March 2019

For the project of the offices at the new headquarters in via Danubio, Holyart chose a Modena-based architect with international fame. A member of the "Royal Institute of British Architects" and winner of numerous awards, Matteo Parmiggiani retraces his career, recounting how his "specialized" approach and his "seductive" vision of architecture have led him today, along with his MPA studio, to be known as a distinguishable and quality brand in the sector.

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Holyart - La Nuova Bussola
Stefano Zanni with S. E. Mons. Massimo Camisasca, Bishop of Reggio Emilia.

Holyart, when E-Commerce becomes an apostolate
by "La nuova Bussola" published 29 November 2016

The images of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos can be seen on the ground floor, but without the myth that internet gurus give a new reason for living life. They serve as a model of study, after all, they are the Leonardo da Vinci of modern times. But that's not all, on the top floor, as a reminder of who we always have over our heads, Stefano has placed pictures of contemporary saints who have been able to speak to the followers of Jesus Christ before the times of global communications. On the top floor, there are pictures of: St. Pope John Paul II, St. John Bosco, St. Mother of Teresa of Calcutta and Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati...

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Holyart - Radio Maria
The Mass with Radio Maria live from the Holyart Warehouse.

Mass with Holyart and Radio Maria

Holyart hosts with great joy the Mass of Radio Maria. On 26 August 2017, the transmission will be live from Holyart warehouse, where everyday products are shipped all over the world.

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