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Chalice with cup in sterling silver, ears of wheat

Model: CL000445
$ 1,024.85
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Chalice with cup in sterling silver, ears of wheat.
This item is handmade by a skilled Italian craftsman with years of experience in the manufacturing of church furnishings.

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Coupe assez légère (beaucoup moins de 1kg sur le descriptif). Il fut un temps où les calices étaient systématiquement en métal précieux par respect pour le très Précieux Sang du Seigneur. Article utile pour celui que veux s'y conformer sans budget trop important.

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Mary | 7/19/2022
Hello, I received the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel today that I ordered from your website....
Simon | 7/7/2022
Hello Holyart Team, I would like to appreciate the wonderful service rendered during the purchase....
Rev J. | 6/16/2022
I just wanted to say how delighted I was with the beautiful tapestry of Christ Pantocrator which...