A few hints to understand how a Sacred Icon can be appraised

We have designed this section dedicated to sacred icons, with the view to supply some explanations on how  the price of an icon is made

All what follows is surely not enough to tackle the task of having a sacred icon appraised. Those among you who are competent on the subject may rightly judge it a sketchy account and in some ways not exactly a precise analysis of the task.

We wish to underline that as a company we guarantee and certify the origin and manufacturing technique of each single icon we offer. In fact, every single hand-painted icon of Holyart comes with a certificate of authenticity which shall be delivered to you together with the product self

How to asses an Icon

Leaving aside ancient sacred icons, the price of more recent sacred icons depends on some basic parameters:

Below, you can find a summary chart that you can easily print and keep. Before purchasing a sacred icon, especially when the icon is hand-painted according to tradition, make sure that the icon comes with its certificate of authenticity, certifying its value and guaranteeing the refund of the money paid in case of fraud!

Technique Dimension Trait School Value
a. Silk screen printed icons 18x22 cm No significant Any Moneta
b. Silk screen printed and painted icons 22x32 cm No significant Turkey MonetaMoneta
c. Hand-painted icons 32x44 cm Significant Rumania MonetaMonetaMoneta
d. Hand-painted icons without the use of precious metals 40x60 cm Significant Greek MonetaMonetaMonetaMoneta
e. Hand-painted icons with the use of precious metals 50x70 cm Significant Russia MonetaMonetaMonetaMonetaMoneta