Nativity shepherd sitting with stick in Mountain Pine wood 12 cm

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Nativity shepherd sitting with stick in mountain pine wood 12 cm.This nativity scene figurine portrays a shepherd, sitting on a rock, with a stick in his left hand.It was made with stone pine, a soft wood from Val Gardena, Italy, which has a good scent, a reddish color and strong veins. The Italian craftsmen decided to use a pantograph and then finish it by hand in the production of this lovely nativity statue.It is perfect for a 12 cm nativity set.

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Jose B. | 3/22/2023
I have been creating nativity scenes as a family tradition for years. I started use the website...
Martin V. | 2/22/2023
It was the first time I ordered an item from Holyart. I was very happy with my purchase. It was...
Marie C. | 2/17/2023
Dear Lisa and Alessandra, I want to express my gratitude to you both for ensuring I received...