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Barn Olive wood from Bethlehem with Nativity set stylized 12 cm

Model: PR004905
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Barn Olive wood from Bethlehem with Nativity set stylized 12 cm.
Handmade product from the Holy Land, the city of Bethlehem with indigenous and long-lived native olive wood, yellowish- white color with more or less dark veins very pronounced and irregularly shaped. The complete nativity scene is composed of 12 pieces besides the barn stable of 24x28x30 cm. The statuettes have a height that varies between 9 and 12 cm. Being a handmade product, some details may slightly differ from the photo example.

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I ordered this as a Christmas present for my parents and I could not be happier with the product. The workmanship is stunning, the figures are all very high quality and the wood is is beautiful. I absolutely love this product and will definitely be buying more from this website, thank you!

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Ronald | 3/27/2023
I ordered a thurible and incense boat on Tuesday and it arrived two days later. I was amazed. The...
Bernard | 3/22/2023
I wish you all the best with a big THANK YOU from bottom of my heart for your service and the...
Jose B. | 3/22/2023
I have been creating nativity scenes as a family tradition for years. I started use the website...