Minimalist nativity for a Modern and Chic Christmas

Minimalist nativity for a Modern and Chic Christmas

Everyone has their own nativity. Not everyone sticks to the traditional nativity scene, which, we understand, is derived from many regional traditions in our country, like the Neapolitan terracotta nativity, or the wooden one from Val Gardena, the Lecce papier-mâché nativity or the ones in Sicily, full of colour and folkloristic wonder.

For those looking to their own house and their own modern and essential Christmas, but do not want to give up the nativity, there are many elegant and functional solutions. We are talking about stylised nativity scenes, made by modern and Avant-garde artists capable of expressing all the sacredness of the Nativity with a new, essential design language.

Stylised nativity scenes are made with various materials: porcelain, clay, metal, and wood. They are often left white to emphasise their simplicity even more, but they can also be hand-painted and decorated with precious elements, like gold drops, metallic inserts, etc.

Working with materials and refinishing, which happens completely by hand, lends itself to simple and expressive lines at the same time. The original hand-painted orthodox Russian artisan nativity scenes are particularly worth a mention.

Other than being objects of devotion and being a way of sanctifying the holiday, stylised nativity scenes can also be excellent gifts and high-design objects to decorate your house or to offer a precious and refined gift to particularly demanding friends. These are modern nativities, often painted with bright and high-quality colours. This union between ancient tradition and the modernity of lines and shapes guarantees an excellent result, full of style and made for the most chic houses, which marries itself with every type of furnishing, classic or modern, integrating itself into every situation and need.