The Christmas items to rediscover the value of communion and the spirituality of Christmas

The Christmas items to rediscover the value of communion and the spirituality of Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the most heartfelt and celebrated occasion by Christians around the world. It is especially due to its religious significance, the perpetual renewal of the immense mystery of the incarnation of God becoming man, of his miraculous birth, a prelude to eternal salvation for all men.

Christmas, however, conquers even the most lukewarm believers with its atmosphere, as if there’s really a beneficial aura that descends among men during this period, with a heap of hope and almost magical harmony.

Perhaps it is also due to the Christmas items that adorn houses, churches, and even shop windows. There is also nativity scenes, representations of the nativity, and of course, Christmas decorations for the home, Christmas decorations for the tree, Christmas candles, statues of the baby Jesus and the Holy Family.

The world changes its face at Christmas; it changes the very air that you breathe in houses.

Above all, the tradition of the manger is widespread in our country in all its forms: from the more classic (stone manger, Neapolitan manger, terracotta manger, crib olive tree in Jerusalem), to the more modern (resin manger, modern stylised manger).

And do not forget the Christmas lights, of course, external or internal, on trees or balconies, with colourful and pulsating lights that illuminate the celebration and help to create an enchanted, suspended atmosphere.

Even more than that, there is the gifts to be exchanged under the tree, however with an eye to the true meaning of Christmas, too often forgotten in favour of arid consumerism. Christmas books with so many wonderful stories for children, Christmas images, pop ups, magnets, calendars, games, DVDs and CDs of Christmas music with Christmas stories, Christmas holy picture. There are many gift ideas to make this a very special celebration and rediscover together the value of communion and spirituality.