Build your own Nativity Scene

Build your own Nativity Scene

Our country has a very illustrious and ancient tradition when it comes to nativity scenes. Since the medieval period, there has been a tradition of recreating scenes inspired by the night that baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It is a custom that expresses deep devotion but that has also in time become a form of art, which has reached, in some cases, an admirable level. Even today, artists and artisans take on creating nativity scenes that are true works of art, using techniques and secrets from masters passed down from previous centuries.

In common houses, the tradition takes on a less noble, simpler shape, with much resin, wood and ceramic nativity scenes readily available everywhere, but the nativity, by its own nature, is still design to be customisable, and to allow you a large or small contribution to creating the scene.

This is why the so-called DIY nativities’ are becoming more popular. The techniques are very diverse, as are the materials used. They are very often recycled materials that, thanks to the imagination and skill of nativity lovers, take on new and unexpected forms. Often at the base of the scene is paper and cardboard, with a few sheets or an empty box that can be positioned in various ways to create the prospective effect.

Paper is used for the background, even to create a beautiful starry sky, but there is cardboard shaped like mountains, moss and stone, which can create very realistic scenes when used carefully.

Moss is used to decorate the DIY nativity scene, even better if it is real, but you can also find synthetic, lichen and straw moss, often-even trees and palm trees created with natural materials: wood, moss and cork.

Countless small and large accessories allow you to personalise your own DIY nativity. With architectural elements that make the little house more realistic, like railings for the balcony, gates for the walls, resin and wooden doors, windows, cooking utensils, wicker baskets, ladles, brickwork, ovens, countertops, even miniature food. All in the name of realism and creativity, to make your own unique customised DIY nativity.