Miniature food for your nativity

Miniature food for your nativity

It’s the small details that make everything special. This is true in every creative, artistic and even culinary sector. The art of the nativity, both with its centuries-old tradition from artisans and excellent masters and its yearly renovation in homes, is not an exception.

For those who have decided to make their own DIY nativity and personalise and decorate it with particular accuracy, there is a really wide range of small and large accessories made for this purpose.

We are talking about miniature food, for example. In a setting like the nativity, which has always been a popular scene made by pastors, farmers, shop owners, and artisans, the presence of food is fundamental.

Christmas night becomes an occasion to reconstruct a realistic and impressive life-like scene, and suddenly all of the characters that move together in the hut of the Nativity take on a new dimension, a well-defined character. This is how bread makers offer their bread and focaccia in baskets or improvised shelves, butchers who invite you to buy cuts of meat posed on a table, fruit sellers that exhibit their red apples, strawberries, pears and oranges.

The realism and precision with which these real miniature jewels are made is surprising. Usually it’s possible to find them in non-toxic resin, painted with bright colours that make them really unique, but which find themselves in miniature terracotta painted by hand.

Even more, these are olive chests, onion and garlic hills, bunches of grapes, reproduced with such perfection that the results are impressive. Even fish has a fundamental role, like the unmissable fishmonger who throws his line in the stream made with a mirror and silver card. Even the miniature crustaceans and molluscs are wonderfully recreated!

Like a child’s toy, the nativity takes on, thanks to these surprised and enchanting details, a new and special life every Christmas.