The first sacrament of a youth faithful: Baptism

The first sacrament of a youth faithful: Baptism

Baptism is the first sacrament that the young faithful approaches. It is a time of great celebration for the whole family, with which it celebrates its entrance into a fuller life, accompanying him in his first steps to the discovery of spirituality.

Like any celebration, the Baptism is characterised by objects, accessories and gifts that emphasise value and make it a unique and unrepeatable moment. Baptism accessories are varied and can carry a very valuable and important spiritual significance.

Take, for example, the immaculate gown, also called the ‘gown of fortune’. It is a little double tunic robe, usually donated to the mother after the third month of pregnancy as a good omen. It is worn by the child to the rite of Baptism and is then preserved by the family as a souvenir. It is a delicate garment, adorned with lace, and usually decorated with embroidery depicting a golden cross, an angel, and a lighted candle.

Another typical Baptism accessory is the Baptism candle, which represents the faith of the little newborn, the throbbing light of his soul. It is also usually kept as a souvenir or gift. There are many other Baptism accessories, which can be offered as a gift and precious memory, as small terracotta icons, wooden sculptures, prayers and blessings written on cardboard or thin wood. Then there are the christening accessories used by the priest in the celebration itself. The jars containing holy oils, for example, often encased in boxes or leather cases, Baptism services, consisting of chalice, ciborium and paten, made of precious metals, bottles for holy water, the plates and all necessary furnishings.

Baptism accessories help make this celebration a precious and unforgettable moment.