Sacred party favors: the ultimate guide

Sacred party favors: the ultimate guide

Christening, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage. Unique and unrepeatable occasions that mark humankind history, but also spiritual events that belong to every Christian. Let’s find out why it is better to choose a sacred party favor for those ceremonies

Party favors are an essential element during the celebration of Sacraments as an auspicious gift, a memory that stays in the hearts and minds of those taking part in them, joining those who receive them.

Party favors were already popular in Italy in the XV century. Future spouses and their families exchanged small boxes full of sugared almonds during the engagement party. The day of the wedding the groom-to-be used to give his future bride the ‘coppa amatoria’ (love cup), a ceramic plate containing sugared almonds as sign of fertility and wealth for their future together.
The word ‘bombonnière’, other name for party favor, comes from the French language; the French used it to describe a box where courtly maids put bon bons, typical sweets of that time, which were usually almonds covered in honey, ancestors of our sugared almonds.
The party favor intended as we do today became famous in 1896 during the marriage of Naples prince, and future king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel to Helen of Montenegro, when the spouses received party favors from their guests, which they donated in turn. Since then, giving party favors as a memory of the event celebrated together has become a tradition, and is also a thank you gift for their presence and gifts.

Party favors available on the market are many, suitable for any taste and budget. Many prefer to make them at home, or choose for fair trade ones, but also artistic models are popular, which are precious in shape and materials. And, of course, sacred party favors.

Holyart already discussed the importance of which type of party favors to choose for special occasions. In particular, we asked a specific question: sacred or profane party favors?

When is a sacred party favor necessary?

Sacred or profane favours
Sacred or profane favours?

The importance of the celebrated Sacrament is behind the choice of the appropriate party favor. That has nothing to do with the style of the party favor we want to choose, nor the available budget. It is fundamental to keep in mind the spiritual meaning and solemnity of some occasions. The Christening sacrament for example, or the First Communion, or even more the Confirmation, are not just simple festive events, such as a birthday can be. Sacraments represent a passage and evolution moment, they are solemn and unrepeatable steps works for Marriage, a sacred and indissoluble bond that ties two people with their lives and their spirits. As Pope Francis wisely said: “A Christian marriage is not just a ceremony held in a church with flowers, gown and pictures, but a sacrament that happens within the Church, and that even builds a church, setting a new beginning for a family community”.

First Communion party favors with sacred images

The First Communion is the moment when children approach the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time. That happens after a period of Catechesis, which gives the young faithful a basic knowledge of the Christian doctrine. In Holyart online store, you will find many small objects that can be party favors for such occasion, and with them, many sacred party favors for First Communions depicting religious images. Even sacred icons reproduced or painted in wood can turn out to be charming party favors full of spirituality, besides being fine objects to give. The most common subjects for sacred party favors for Communions are the Eucharistic chalice, alone or with children images, or with bread, grapes and ears of wheat, all Christian symbols of the Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. Jesus’ face is another recurrent image as a small picture, or small angels images.

Religious party favors for Confirmation

Confirmation celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the faithful receiving it. It is a very important step in the life of a young Christian because it marks some kind of initiation to a Christian life; it had already began with the Christening, but finds a further confirmation and evolution here. Religious party favors for Confirmation show some specific symbols of this Sacrament, such as the dove or fire, both symbols for the Holy Spirit; water, recalling Christening and the rebirth of faith; angels, often associated with Sacraments for the youngest ones; the Bishop’s miter or hat and cane, or also the Bishop imposing his hands on the head, reminding that Confirmation is usually celebrated by a Bishop.

Sacred party favors for Christening

Christening declares the entrance of a new faithful, washed from the original sin and reborn in Christ. Since in most of the cases it happens on a newborn, even the symbols represented on sacred party favors for Christenings are at a childish level, and carry a familiar warmth. Besides angels, we can find then many religious party favors for Christenings with representations of the Mother and Child, where Mary is cradling or kissing baby Jesus, or the Sacred Family.

Religious party favors for Marriage

The Sacred Family is one of the most popular images even in party favors for Marriages. In an era where it is too easy to lose sight on the values that really count, where building a family, honoring the person we chose to live with is not taken for granted, the Sacred Family becomes a precious and enlightening example. Mary, humble and devoted wife and mother, completely and with blind trust gave herself to God; Joseph accepted his own hard mission to protect and honor his wife. They are the perfect subjects to celebrate an event that is a love union of course, but also a Sacrament given by God, and as such, it is inviolable and sacred.