Rock paper for nativity scene: how to use it and which one to choose

Rock paper for nativity scene: how to use it and which one to choose

Lovers of the DIY nativity scene, dive into the world of rock paper! Which one will you choose: traditional or modelable rock paper?

Christmas is approaching and, while the mass market focuses on sequins and glitter decorations, there are some who are thinking of stocking up on pebbles, twigs and moss for this year’s nativity scene. For all lovers of the DIY nativity scene, this is the time to get information and choose the best materials, statues and settings. And get the most original idea to create a unique nativity scene that helps to grasp the meaning of Christmas.

How to build a DIY nativity scene

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How to build a DIY nativity scene: a mini guide
We want to carry on, offering you a little guide on how to build a DIY nativity scene.

One of the first aspects to which attention is paid is the creation of the backgrounds for the crib and the setting in which to insert the Nativity and the other characters. It is precisely in this phase of the construction of the DIY nativity scene that the rock paper enters the scene. Now very popular among nativity professionals and amateurs alike, rock paper is used to create realistic backgrounds, reliefs and landscapes. On Holyart you will find two types of rock paper for nativity scenes: traditional and moldable. Let’s see what are the characteristics and the ideal uses of each type of crib paper.

Traditional rock card

Traditional rock paper looks like light sheets of paper with prints that reflect the colours of natural elements. It is a very simple material and can be used for different purposes, such as creating mountains or filling the empty spaces between the elements of the nativity scene. The textures of the prints are varied and adapt to different needs: in addition to the rock, you will find grass, water, and bark-effect paper.

Traditional rock paper is ideal for solving imperfections and aesthetic problems that may arise in the construction of a DIY nativity scene. To obtain a realistic result, the sheet is crumpled so as to make the surface irregular and is positioned in the crib shaping it with your hands. For example, it can be suitable to cover the cables of the crib movements and lights or to hide the defects of the surface on which the crib is located. It is also useful for creating reliefs on the background: in this case, it is necessary to have supports that hold the paper in place (in some cases, together with the sheet of rock paper, cardboard shapes are also included for the creation of the mountains). A useful tip is to use tape or a stapler to fix the paper and keep it stable. The only weak points of traditional rock paper are the low resistance and the fact that once fixed with tape and staples, it cannot be used for other purposes. In any case, since it is a cheap product, it can be replaced without major expenses.

Mouldable rock paper

The mouldable rock paper has a different composition from the traditional one: it is made with an aluminium layer that makes it malleable and resistant. It maintains the shape given to it and, being modelable, once the mountain has been created it can be used again by easily changing the shape of the relief. Also in this case, different prints are available to create different scenographies (water, wood, rock, lawn …). The print is made on a matte surface which creates an even more realistic effect, and the material is waterproof.

It is ideal for creating realistic reliefs quickly and for reuse as needed. The material allows you to give a more realistic shape to the relief and get the desired result faster than traditional rock paper. No need for supports, tape or staples: your mountain will remain stable thanks to the material it is made of. Furthermore, if the paper is shaped in such a way that it has enough flat space, the nativity statues can be placed on it as on any rigid support. For all these characteristics, mouldable rock paper is less economical than the traditional one. On the other hand, it is also more durable and reusable.

You can see the difference in making a mountain with traditional mountain rock paper and mouldable bark paper in this video:

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