Fake snow for a nativity scene: how to get a realistic effect!

Fake snow for a nativity scene: how to get a realistic effect!

Do you want to give your Christmas an even more magical atmosphere thanks to the fake snow for the nativity scene? Go professional with Holyart snow guns!

Imagine landscapes with houses, hills and characters who engage in different activities. They are the views of our nativity scenes. Now imagine, as night falls on figurines, animals and nativity huts, a silent snowfall, with flakes falling on the Nativity, on the terracotta statues, on the moss and lichens.

How to ensure this wow-effect? Instead of resorting to cotton and spray cans, you can get a realistic and spectacular snowfall thanks to the generators available on Holyart. These are snow machines ideal for shops, shopping centres, parishes, but also homes with large spaces where you can set up a special nativity scene.

Artificial snow generators for nativity scenes

The artificial snow guns for cribs that we present to you are Kuopio 08 and Kuopio 09, both are simple to use and reliable. They are equipped with a reservoir where you put the snow liquid – a non-harmful water-based solution, with refills that can be purchased on Holyart. The generator transforms the liquid into foam, which is pushed by a fan towards the crib and falls to the ground creating the snow effect, you are looking for. The foam dries in a few minutes and does not wet or damage the surfaces: any streaks can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Just place the snow machine next to the nativity scene – it can also be hung from the ceiling thanks to the supplied bracket – and connect the plugs to the power supply. If you want the snow cycle to follow the phases of a nativity scene control unit, just connect the appropriate plug to the control unit.

When the snow generator is switched on, it is necessary to wait a minute for the starting process to take place – it is not recommended to switch the generator on and off before the start is complete: you will get a very intense and powerful snowfall the next time you switch it on; however, the mechanism of the machine is not affected.

Customise the snowfall

All that remains is to decide what type of snow we want by adjusting the intensity and the fan using two knobs. The higher the intensity, the larger the size of the flakes. For those who want a really heavy snowfall, Kuopio 08 also has the super function, activated by a button. The power of the fan affects the range of the snow machine. Kuopio 08 is more powerful and covers from 1 to 4 metres, while Kuopio 09 covers from 1 to 2 metres. By adjusting the intensity and the fan you can have slower snowfalls with larger flakes or more “windy” snowfalls with finer flakes.

At this point you no longer need to imagine: here is the snow-covered nativity scene you wanted!