How to store moss for the Nativity scene

How to store moss for the Nativity scene

Nativity moss, a precious gift from nature for our Holidays, deserves to be carefully preserved

Everyone likes the natural and inimitable effect of crib moss. Although collecting moss is forbidden in our country, as it is a protected species, there is still a widespread tendency to use natural moss to decorate the Nativity scene. This is made possible by authorized dealers, who specially collect and grow moss for this purpose, in strict compliance with the relevant regulations. Simply go to an authorized nursery and you will be able to purchase a sheet of Nativity moss in the size you need.

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You can also find various sizes in our online store. There remains, however, the problem of what to do with the Nativity moss once Christmas is over, when we need to put away the Christmas decorations. Beyond wanting to avoid unnecessary waste, finding ourselves in the position of having to buy it back the following year, it would be a shame to throw it away, considering how crucial it is to the environment and the balance of biodiversity. Perhaps not everyone knows that moss plays a very important role in soil conservation because it prevents erosion of rocks and maintains moisture, which is essential for the growth of countless plants. However, it is also delicate, needing optimal climatic conditions to be born and grow, and taking a very long time to reach full maturity. That is why eradicating it illicitly and with deliberate indifference is a crime not only true to the law that protects it, but also to the environment in which we live and of which we are all a part.

But how can moss be preserved for Nativity and recovered the following year?

How to store it

When you decide to use moss for the Nativity scene, you can choose to use fresh moss or dry moss. Fresh moss is brighter and lusher, but it needs a lot of moisture, so you will have to take care to keep it wet every day, using a mist sprayer, because direct water would make it mold and rot.

More easily managed is dry moss, cleared of soil and impurities and used to cover the rocks and roofs of the little houses in your Nativity scene. The only flaw, if we want to find one, is that it is even more delicate and fragile than fresh moss, so it must be handled with care.

The moment we decide to store moss for the coming year, there is only one choice: we must dry it. Putting away fresh moss would be completely useless because the moisture would make it mold in the container. Drying moss is very simple: just lay it on sheets of newsprint and leave it in an aerated area. In a few days the moss will be dry enough to be placed in a box and put away with the other Christmas decorations.

However, there is an alternative for storing moss for nativity scenes year after year.

Although you cannot plant moss like a common plant, it can be grown at home or in a nursery as long as you provide it with the moist environment and wet soil it needs to live. In particular, you will have to be careful to avoid water stagnation in the pots: the soil should always be moist, but not muddy. Fundamental then will be to reproduce natural light: moss should never be exposed to full light, but needs indirect, soft light, just like it might have in a lush forest.

Another important thing to make your moss last and thrive is pruning. That’s right, even though they are so small and leafy, moss stems also need trimming when they get too long or dry out. In this case you will need to remove the dry parts, to restore the others.

However you decide to proceed, never forget that moss is a valuable resource for everyone and should be respected as such. After all, that should be the case for the whole environment in which we live, and perhaps Christmas is the best time to start paying a little more attention to that as well.