Skincare routine: natural products for face care

Skincare routine: natural products for face care

Taking care of your facial skin every day is the surest way to keep it young and fresh. Let’s find out the ideal skincare routine together.

We live in a society where appearance is of great importance. It is not just a question of vanity, nor the absurd claim of never getting old. Maintaining a young and attractive appearance is a gesture of self-respect, first of all, and it is easier than it may seem. Without bringing up expensive and distorting surgical treatments, taking care of the skin, especially that of the face, is a secret of beauty and youth within everyone’s reach. We are talking about skincare, a series of small daily beauty rituals that will guarantee us a healthier and younger appearance. Few gestures to dedicate to our face every day, the same for everyone, in their repetition, but different for each person, according to age, skin type, preferred products. We at Holyart particularly appreciate the products of the monasteries, the result of ancient recipes that the monks have been handed down for centuries. We think of the Camaldoli monastery, just to name one, with its ancient pharmacy where medicinal remedies have always been produced, but also creams, tonics and lotions for face and body care.

community of Camaldoli

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The monastic community of Camaldoli
The Monastery of Camaldoli is in the heart of a secular forest, in one of the wild and impenetrable areas of the central Appennine ridge.

Let’s discover together the facial care products handed down by the monks, for a timeless skincare routine.

Anti-wrinkle cream

In the monastery of Camaldoli, calendula cream is produced, which in addition to having exceptional soothing and antibacterial properties, renews the cells and prevents the signs of ageing, reducing the first wrinkles and giving the skin brightness, firmness and firmness. The anti-wrinkle cream based on avocado oil, rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and lecithins, which stimulate cell regeneration, is ideal for mature skin. It should be applied at night to prevent wrinkles and reduce existing ones. The skin will appear more elastic and young from the very first application.

Natural anti-ageing cream

Natural products, based on ingredients of natural origin, often from Controlled Organic Agriculture, without parabens, dyes and chemicals. This is the secret of many of the beauty products dedicated to the skincare routine made in the monasteries. An example for all is the Natural Elasticising Anti-Time Cream made according to the recipe of the Ancient Pharmacy of the Camaldolese Monks. It restores tone and elasticity to even the most demanding skin, thanks to vegetable oils (sunflower, jojoba, avocado, horse chestnut, castor, patchouli, ylang-ylang, geranium) and unsaturated fatty acids of which it is very rich, and is suitable for both women and to men.

Body care

Rejuvenating face cream

Face purifying cream (in case of oily skin)

If the skin on your face tends to be oily, the cream for you is a purifying cream, such as the one with Propolis produced by the Camaldolese monks, ideal for skin characterised by excessive sebaceous secretion. Its purifying and normalising action helps prevent pimples and blackheads, without however depleting the skin with too much degreasing or aggressive agents.

Calendula cream (in case of delicate skin)

The aforementioned calendula cream is ideal for the most delicate skin, to prevent redness and give brightness and tone.

Calendula cream

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Calendula cream: properties and benefits
Since their origins, monasteries have not only been centres for meeting and prayer, but also the guardians of ancient knowledge…

Cleansing milk

What is cleansing milk for? Cleaning the skin of the face every day with good cleansing milk and an effective face tonic keeps it radiant, hydrated and fresh, free from dust and pollutants, preventing wrinkles, pimples and blackheads. Better to choose a Cleansing Milk that cleanses deeply without attacking, based on pure plant extracts with emollient, softening, anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing properties, such as mallow.

Argan oil

Always appreciated for its precious soothing, nourishing and healing properties, aromatic argan oil is a panacea for dry, reddened, chapped skin. Prevents and smoothes wrinkles and hides small imperfections thanks to its healing effect.

Camaldoli Anti-wrinkle Cream Camaldoli Anti-wrinkle Cream
Camaldoli Anti-wrinkle Cream exploits the important anti-wrinkle properties due to the content of A, B and D vitamines.
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Camaldoli Purifying Bee Propolis Cream Camaldoli Purifying Bee Propolis Cream
Purifying Bee Propolis Cream (50ml) from an ancient recipe of Camaldoli monks.
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Camaldoli Calendula Cream Camaldoli Calendula Cream
Calendula, a plant with marvellous yellow-orange flower has astringent, cicatrizant and antiseptic properties.
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Camaldoli Cleansing Milk Camaldoli Cleansing Milk
Camaldoli Cleaning Milk is studied to purify and clean the skin with a delicate action.
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Aromatic Argan oil skin oil Camaldoli Aromatic Argan oil skin oil Camaldoli
Aromatic Argan oil 30ml of the Antica Farmacia of the Camaldoli Monks.
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