Argan oil and the innumerable properties of this precious oil

Argan oil and the innumerable properties of this precious oil

Argan oil: an everlasting beauty elixir. Let’s discover its amazing properties

Argan oil excels among the products of the monasteries whose qualities we will never tire of praising. Berber women call it liquid gold and have used it since ancient times to protect their skin and hair from the desert wind. It is from their land that the spiny Argania comes, the plant from which this miraculous oil is obtained, also called, and not surprisingly, the ‘tree of life’. A very resistant plant, which has grown only since prehistoric times in the semi-desert plain of the Souss, in Morocco, and nowhere else in the world. Yet in this windswept land worn down by millennia of sandstorms, Argania thrives, cloaking an otherwise barren landscape with forest, with trees over 10 metres high, to which are added the roots that sink into the ground up to to 30 metres, and which can live up to 200 years. Argania produces fleshy fruits similar to olives, and these fruits have a very tough core inside which in turn holds, just like a treasure chest, the Argan almonds.

In these lands are the women who, for millennia, have been harvesting the fruits of Argania and squeezing them to obtain the precious oil, which they call liquid gold, or even gold of the desert because of its colour, but also of its always recognised value. They use the cold pressing technique, in some cases still using a stone grinder, the arzeg, and their hands. But even where machines have taken over, the processing of this precious substance is always very careful not to damage its precious properties.

Argan almonds

What is so special about Argan oil?

Argan oil properties

Few natural substances nourish and moisturise the skin like this oil, and this means that in addition to being used pure, it is the basis of countless cosmetic preparations, including industrial ones. Its richness derives from its composition: unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic and linoleic acids, saturated fatty acids, triglycerides, but also omega-3, omega-6, vitamin A and E, in addition to other substances famous for their power in fighting free radicals and ageing.

This rich composition explains the exceptional properties of Argan oil especially as a nourishing and elasticising agent for the skin, its ability to moisturise without greasing even the deepest layers of the epidermis, making it luminous and toned. What’s more, the polyphenols within it help the production of collagen, and thus counteract the formation of wrinkles, erasing existing ones, as well as small scars and signs of ageing.

Uses of Argan oil

Argan oil on the hair

Speaking of the composition of Argan oil, we mentioned the presence of vitamin E, which is particularly valuable for stimulating hair growth. It stimulates the scalp, keeping it healthy, hydrated and free of dandruff, and helping it to give birth to healthy and strong hair. On the length, Argan oil fights split ends, dryness and in general all the damage caused by dyes, bleaching and chemical agents. The hair will appear shiny and soft to the touch, easy to comb and very fragrant!

Argan oil in pregnancy

Always talking about hair, if during pregnancy they tend to appear thicker and more luxuriant, it is common for them to be weakened and brittle immediately after childbirth. It depends on the changes in estrogen production. Argan oil can prove to be a precious ally during pregnancy, to keep hair healthy without using chemicals that would only weaken it further in the next phase, and later to nourish and hydrate it, also limiting its fall and helping its production of new hair.

But during pregnancy and after childbirth Argan oil can also prove to be a very precious ally for the skin and nails. First of all because, being completely natural, it does not contain substances that are harmful to the mother and the child who is growing inside her. The use of Argan oil on the skin prevents stretch marks, so common among pregnant women, and helps the skin to maintain its balance despite the changes that the unusual production of hormones causes. Used on the hands it will not only keep them hydrated and soft, but it will also help the nails not to become too brittle and not to flake.

Pure Argan oil for the face

Argan oil, thanks to its composition, is an authentic elixir of eternal youth for the skin of the face. A few drops of the pure product used for a small massage illuminate the face, giving the skin elasticity, youth, restoring tone and freshness. Protected and revitalised, our skin will face fatigue, atmospheric agents, make-up without being impoverished and damaged. Furthermore, the wrinkles already present will be reduced, and the formation of new wrinkles will be prevented, for a lasting and natural youth.

Argan oil for acne

The soothing and regenerating properties of Argan oil also help the skin of all ages fight acne. The precious components of this wonderful tonic also help oily skin to regain its proper balance and hydration, and the antioxidants reduce the marks left by acne on the face and body.