5 gift ideas for Christmas: for him and her

5 gift ideas for Christmas: for him and her

Christmas is approaching. Do you already know what to give to your loved ones? Christmas shopping anxiety? Here are some very special gift ideas for him and her.

How far are you with gift ideas for Christmas? Exchanging gifts is certainly one of the most beautiful and anticipated moments of the holidays. Too bad that every year we get there with a hint of stress that spoils the harmony and pleasantness a little. This is because nowadays it seems to have become more important to buy the gift at all costs rather than thinking of something that could please the recipient. And it’s not just a question of money, because very often we end up spending even more as if the economic value of the object could compensate for the thought, the affection is the intention we put into it.

Of course, this is not the case.

Trapped as we are in the gears of modern life, often too hectic, we risk losing sight of the true meaning of the exchange of gifts. And it is no coincidence that we have called them gifts, because, as we have already pointed out in a previous article, there is a big difference between gift and gift.

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The gift comes from giving, and it expresses much better the true meaning we like to attribute to this gesture. No compulsory duty, no exorbitant expenses, perhaps to cover a paucity of feeling, a superficiality of thought. A gift, a true gift, comes from the heart, and even if its material value may not be great, it compensates with the genuine desire to express sincere affection, to bring luck and hope. In this, we should perhaps take an example from the children, who like the holidays’ approach, are encouraged by the teachers at school to create small gifts for their parents or grandparents. Let’s consider the commitment they put into those chores, the assiduity of thought with which they dedicate themselves to them, thoughts turned to those who will receive them, to the face they will do, to how happy they will be. Perhaps, being able to remember this particular feeling, this somewhat naive expectation, perhaps, but authentic, we too will be able to recover the pleasure of giving something at Christmas, and we will shake off a little this sense of inevitability and anxiety that inevitably infects all as December approaches.

Just to lighten you up a bit, we at Holyart want to offer you some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. These are gifts for him and her, something that you can hardly find in shopping malls sparkling with lights, but which perhaps will help you to better express the thought you want to communicate to those you love.

Christmas gift ideas for him

Let’s start with Christmas gift ideas for him.

It is known that men now love perfumery products as much and more than women. Face and body creams, perfumes, and of course the timeless aftershave. Why not surprise a special man for you with an equally special and different product than usual? We are talking about the Camaldoli Aftershave, made by the Antica Farmacia dei Monaci Camaldolesi.

A non-alcoholic, delicate fluid, suitable for all skin types and not at all irritating because it is based on aloe vera. Like all the products of the ancient pharmacy of the monks of Camaldoli, this aftershave is also made with natural products, and according to ancient recipes, handed down over time by the wisdom of the monks. Suitable for a man who looks more to the substance than to the appearance, when it comes to using a product on the skin. As for its pleasantness and effectiveness, this aftershave has nothing to envy from the products offered in glossy magazines by winking models.

If, on the other hand, the recipient of the gift appreciates good wine, why not surprise him with a valuable bottle? Also in this case we are not offering you prestigious and inaccessible names, but we are aiming for a truly quality product, like this Pinot Nero Riserva DOC 2016 wine from Muri Gries Abbey in South Tyrol. The MURI-GRIES estate covers over 35 hectares of vineyards in the best production areas between the Bolzano basin and the municipality of Appiano. These are soils of excellent quality, with excellent climatic conditions, and which also offer such differentiation as to allow the cultivation of different grapes and consequently the production of different wines, all of the highest quality.

In particular, this wine made with Pinot Noir grapes from the Appiano Monte vineyards, with a beautiful bright and deep ruby red colour, with its elegant structure and delicate, mineral and a savoury flavour, can be a welcome gift even for the most demanding taster. Its aromas of ripe fruit with hints of cherry and plum jam, spices, a little walnut, well-integrated wood notes go well with pepper steak, grilled meat, hare, roast duck, cheese seasoned. And you do not have to fear that the bottles could break during shipping because the product is guaranteed by “ewine secure pack“, a patented, safe and reliable packaging, which protects the bottle from any type of shock to which it should be subjected during the shipping.

If in addition to loving wine, the recipient of our gift is also a lover of cooking, perhaps an expert cook, this gift box containing 3 blends of chilli peppers from the Monastery of Siloe could be the right gift. All the peppers are grown and packaged by the monks of the Monastery of Siloe in the upper Maremma Grossetana. The flavours contained in the gift box are:
– Verde di Siloe, with peppers of different colours and a medium-high spiciness,
– Rosso di Siloe, with Chili de Onza and Habanero Chocolat peppers and a medium spiciness
– Giallo di Siloe, with typical peppers of southern Italy and medium spiciness.

By completely changing the scope and tastes, a men’s jewel is not a gift to be underestimated, especially if, in addition to being a fashionable accessory, it also becomes a way to express oneself, one’s interiority and, why not, spirituality. For example with an Amen jewel. Amen offers a collection of unique and original jewels, which rework the great themes of religion and spiritual expression in a captivating and modern way. Necklaces, prayer rings, bracelets, even rosaries, symbols of faith that become fashion accessories thanks to the proposals of exclusive designers. For example, an Amen men’s bracelet, such as the splendid Amen bracelet made with lava stone grains and St. Benedict’s medal, an elegant and at the same time informal accessory, suitable for a man who is not afraid to always carry a sign on himself of their faith. Made of 925 silver, with lava stone beads of 5 mm in diameter and a medal of St. Benedict with a diameter of 1.5 cm, the bracelet closes with a carabiner. The chain is adjustable.

Or an original rosary necklace for men, like the rosary necklace with Pater in beechwood, with a vague ethnic flavour, but strictly produced in Italy. The stylised cross is 4 cm long and is made of silver-plated zamak with an antique effect. An orange tassel adds a touch of colour.

Christmas gift ideas for her

And what about Christmas gift ideas for ladies? Also in this case there is only the embarrassment of choice, and it ranges from body products to crystal photo frames, to exclusive jewels.

The nuns of Valserena are contemplative nuns belonging to the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. The monastery is relatively young, having been founded in 1968 by the community of Vitorchiano, among the woods and olive trees that cover the Tuscan hills of the Cecina valley. In their simple life, which follows the rule of St. Benedict, the nuns make cosmetic products for personal hygiene in their laboratory, according to the ancient recipes of the monastic tradition based on herbs and vegetables, but also liqueurs and handicrafts. All the products offered by the monastery are therefore natural and of high quality. Among the many unparalleled products for body care and beauty made in the Cistercian Monastery of Valserena we propose the anti-seborrheic skin purifying face cream, based on cypress and fruit acids. It is a light cream with a dermo-purifying and astringent action for oily, impure, combination or acne-prone skin.

Women are also sensitive to the charm of jewellery, you know. But will it be true that only diamonds are their best friends? … The Amen line offers a very rich choice of feminine jewels of great finesse and elegance, such as this delightful bracelet with angel and stars in 925 silver and rhodium-plated finishes. The stars are positioned on the sides of the angel and the bracelet can be adjusted from a minimum size of 16 up to a maximum of 18 cm. A light jewel, suitable for women of all ages.

Or you can opt for a pair of precious, important earrings, such as the AMEN earrings with a hollow heart inside, also in rhodium-plated 925 silver and with the edge embellished with white zircons. The closure is a butterfly and the heart has a diameter of 1 cm.

The woman who loves to embellish her home with classy and tasteful details will only be able to appreciate a small watercolour print painting handmade in Italy by the artist Verther. The title is Gioia Familiare, measuring 27 x 27 cm, and is embellished with a fine wooden frame with silver foil inserts and rhinestone decorations. Decorative crystals were also applied to the glass.

Always as a piece of furniture for the home, but also to keep the most beautiful memories, a crystal photo frame or stainless steel decorated with crystals, such as the photo frame with an angel can be a nice thought. It measures 15 x 20 and is handcrafted in Italy in stainless steel. The angel holds a star in their hand.

To conclude, whether it is for her or him, the Christmas gift must first of all be a gift, which comes from the bottom of the heart, to bring love and peace to those who will receive it.