Decorate your house for Christmas in complete safety

Decorate your house for Christmas in complete safety

When a little child lives in the house, you need to opt for a series of indispensable precautions to avoid unpleasant accidents which can also have serious consequences. It’s a well known fact that kids are curious by nature. The youngest ones crawl in every direction, lured by every object that can catch their attention. Under this point of view, Christmas decorations are an irresistible temptation. But it’s precisely for them, for the youngest, that we want to decorate our home, so that it looks more beautiful and warm, and to let them feel the spirit of love for the family even more.  To let them experience Christmas atmosphere from their very first moments. So, what should we do? There are a few small precautions that we can keep in mind to decorate our home in safety ad make it more beautiful and festive, without risks.

The tree, first of all, should be made of fireproof material, and guaranteed by the CE marking. It must be placed on a stable base, and preferably tied to a piece of furniture, or anyway secured in a way that it cannot fall in case curious little hands will grab on to its branches.

Also for the lights that will decorate it, or that will decorate any other part of the house, it is better to choose safely and buy CE marked objects, realized according to all appropriate safety regulations. Kids love colored and bright things and they would never worry about the possible danger of a live wire or a non adequate light bulb! One more precaution will be to switch everything off when going to bed or out.

About tree ornaments, all fragile materials should be avoided, at least until the young ones will be old enough. So, say yes to shatterproof balls, fabric ornaments, and say absolutely no to decorations with small parts that could come off and be ingested by mistake.

Watch out for the Christmas Rose too! It’s beautiful and decorative, but its leaves secrete a toxic and stinging liquid, dangerous not only for children. Better place it in an unreachable spot!

Let’s not give up the tradition of decorating our homes for the best Christmas ever, but let’s do an extra effort to avoid hassles in days that should only be serene.