Nativity scenes that resemble children

Nativity scenes that resemble children

Modern kids are much more informed than the kids of few years ago under many points of view. They are constantly influenced by mediatic inputs, and are targets of more or less deceptive commercials; they are influenced by stereotypes that want them to act and resemble fixed models, whose pace of life often clashes with the need for freedom typical of their age. Children that grow up too quickly, and at the same time spoiled by adults that try compensate the lack of time with gifts and allow them any type of tantrums.

Convey the true meaning of Christmas

It’s not always like that htough, and it shouldn’t be so, and Christmas can be a perfect occasion to come closer to our children, to share every moment of this wonderful and so important Holiday with them.

It is something we owe to our children, more than gifts, which they will surely receive: make Christmas and its preparation a moment of spiritual communion and sharing. Because Christmas doesn’t have to be only decorated windows, bright lights, bakeries full of colorful sweets and toys shops full of wonderful objects. Because they have to understand that receiving gifts must not be taken for granted, that the old saying “if you behave well you will receive…” is still valid, or so it should be.

How can we let our hi-tech children understand the true meaning of Christmas?

It is not that hard. Afterall, Christmas is the holiday that celebrates the birth of a very special Baby, and to some extent, that makes all the kids in the world the main chacaters of this Holiday.

Symbolic gifts

We can begin our path towards Christmas for our children by celebrating it with a beautiful Advent calendar. It is the perfect time to light up the spirit and the magic of Christmas in the young ones (but also in the older ones…); or we can buy an Advent Wreath and let them light up the candles week after week, and tell them something about Jesus every time, his miracolous birth, the immense love of his mother and Joseph for him, who defied many dangers and the harshness of winter only to make sure He could come to life in that magic night. After all, the story of baby Jesus is a wonderful story, and as such we can tell it to our children, a piece at a time, guiding them through a path of faith that is most of all a wonderful journey. The important thing is not to make it too mushy. The story of Mary and Joseph and their tiring journey, of the many refusals received by everyone in that cold night, is also a constructive story that can teach our children the importance of generosity and welcoming, in a world that is more and more insensitive and selfish.

Telling the story of Mary and Joseph can represent a chance to show our kids the power of love that parents are capable of, ready to defy any danger in order to guarantee the safety of their children, to guarantee them a future. Such a current story, today more than ever.

We tell our children about the birth of a baby that had nothing, that shivered for cold in a manger, warmed only by the breath of an ox and a donkey, and the endless love of his mother and father. A love that could turn a cold hut into a cozy and warm place, a throbbing cornerstone that could call everyone nearby in that special night.


We can tell them of how the cry of baby Jesus slowly summoned many people, poor people, the humblest ones, lost in a night that was too big and too cold; farmers, shepherds, beggars, who left what they could nect to the manger, poor but heartfelt gifts, such as bread, fruit, or anything that could help worn-out parents.

This is where the magic of Christmas lies, in this feeling of wait, in this Love that spreads all around a baby that shines in a manger, in a dark hut, and which lights up the world with his light.

Another way to push pur children closer to Christmas and let them experience the magic with you could be to take them to see a Christmas show, or even better, let them participate in a Christmas play, maybe at school. Nowadays it is hard to combine everyone faith professions. We are now a cosmopolitan country, and even school struggles with keeping up with the times. In some institutes it is still common to organize simple initiatives during Christmas, and take our childern to such an experience can be a wonderful way to push them closer to this Holiday with the right spirit.

There are many books we can read with them, some only cointain images, for the youngest ones; others have beautiful stories connected to Christmas spirit, and of course, there are movies we can watch with them.

The main point is to instill in them this feeling of magic, of wait, which characterizes this holiday.

Shepherds, farmers, angels and Wise Men, all rushed to the hut in the end, and for the same reason: to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world, the miracolous baby that came to our world to bring joy, light and hope to all men, whether errands or kings.

Holyart Nativity scenes for children

Even the Nativity scene can be an efficent way to let our kids understand the mystery of Jesus’ birth. What is better than a child-sized Nativity scene?  Even better, a Nativity where characters look like cute and chubby children, sweet and smiling?

Holyart thought of you, with a wider choice of nativities that are perfect for the children’s bedroom; child-sized Nativities, but so beautiful that even grownups will find them irresistible.

The handmade wooden Nativities of Val Gardena are particularly appropriate for your children.

For example, Holyart proposes a beautiful Nativity made by the children of Val Gardena composed of 20 wooden characters, all handmade and painted with wonderful colors. The statues are 10 cm tall, and represent all the traditional characters of a Nativity scene: Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the Wise Men, the ox and the donkey, but all of them looking cute and chubby. Even the sheeps are somwhat plump and have sweet litlle faces! A magnet placed at the base of their necks allows them to move their heads where you want, and also to switch them among the different figures. A Nativity scene that is also a toy, what else can a child wish for?

Or else, you could choose a resin Nativity with statues about 13 cm tall, all hand-painted. Also in this case, there are 11 characters typical of the Nativity, but showing the typical looks of chubby children with colorful clothes.

A gentle and adorable world that will embellish your home, your Christmas, and will guide your children towards the discovery of this wonderful journey!