Christmas Candles: Christmas scents in your home

Christmas Candles: Christmas scents in your home

What would Christmas be without the subtle, magic atmosphere that only festive candles can create? The whole house seems to be lit with pulsating lights that emit a lovely heat, making you feel united and closer together!

Christmas candles are refined compliments suitable for all types of houses and furnishings. They give a sense of festive spirit and make the house feel special, lighting it up with its bright lights, red, white, gold, and silver, and with their shapes and refined decorations.

You can put them anywhere, even with holly decorations, or together with a table centrepiece decorated with red berries. Christmas candles make the festive season even more special and unrepeatable. The wax scent spreads around, bringing out the soul and warming up your heart.

Placed on the meal table, or simply lit every night to warm up the house, Christmas candles cannot be absent from the celebration period. The house will become more welcoming, wrapped up in a magical atmosphere.

Christmas candles can also be sculpted into real works of art, or be in the shape of angels, Christmas trees, stars, pine cones, or flowers. An endless range of subjects and colours for all tastes and houses. There are also Christmas candles enclosed in delicate glass candleholders, decorated in gold and silver or with Christmas pictures. Little by little, the wax takes over and the light becomes even warmer, dimmer, making the beautiful decorations glimmer.

On colder nights, on the Night of all nights, the warm Christmas candle light designs a fluttery and magical pathway, a quivering glitter, that goes up from the warmth of every single house to the night sky like a procession of pulsating stars.