Holy Family picture: a symbol to keep at home

Holy Family picture: a symbol to keep at home

The Holy Family, the ideal model of every family nucleus, the incarnation of love, mercy, humility. Keeping a picture of the Holy Family at home is a sign of devotion, but also a way to have comfort at all times.

From the point of view of the Catholic Church, the Holy Family has always been the point of reference to which every family should look. It is not just a symbolic representation, the iconic idealisation of a family nucleus, composed of a loving and protective father, a very sweet mother and an innocent child, but a living and current example. With the Holy Family of Nazareth, made up of Our Lady, Saint Joseph and the little Jesus, the Christian family as we know and conceive it is born. Every gesture, every act consummated within this group that shares daily life, with its pains, problems and needs, but also its joys, assumes the dignity and importance of a sacrament since the Child does not he is a common infant, but God made man. The care that his parents give him, the protection that surrounds him, the love that binds Joseph and Mary themselves is an anticipation of the immense and infinite love of God.

The same definition of Holy Family defines the value of those who make it up. All the elements of this family unit are holy, albeit for various reasons. Jesus is holy as the Son of God, Our Lady because chosen by God himself to carry the Savior in her womb, St. Joseph because he accepted to take on an ‘uncomfortable’ wife and a child who was not his own. A man, a woman and a child, all saints, taken distinctly, even more holy in their unique union, unrepeatable, and yet worthy of being an example for all.

In this meaning of love and holiness, the Holy Family is the symbol par excellence of the Christmas that has just ended. We have dedicated an article to the choice between the construction of an entire Nativity or rather of the Crib alone, represented by the Holy Family together with the ox and the donkey. This is because it is precisely the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the hut that expresses most truly and authentically the sense of union and love that the Holidays should be pervaded, that warmth that unites relatives and friends near and far in these unique and special days.

crib or only trio of the Nativity

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Precisely for these reasons, the Holy Family should be present in our homes not only at Christmas but every day of the year. It is no coincidence that we have mentioned the icons, statuettes and bas-reliefs that represent it among the sacred objects that it is normal to find in every home. A picture of the Holy Family unequivocally manifests the concrete faith of those who live in the house and their devotion to God. Furthermore, like all other sacred objects, the presence of a representation of any kind of the Holy Family protects the house from the devil, helping those who are animated by authentic faith to fight and defeat him.

sacred objects

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But how to choose your own picture of the Holy Family?

It depends on where we intend to place it, in which room of the house, and consequently on the style of the house itself, furnishings, and personal taste. In the Holyart catalogue, in the “holy family picture” section, you will find them in all sizes, materials and styles. Choose the one that suits you best!

Picture frame stylized Holy Family
Picture frame stylized Holy Family silver foil 10x8 in.
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Family Joy of Verther painting gift idea
Family Joy of Verther painting gift idea silver 16X16 cm.
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heart shaped favor holy family 2 in
Heart shaped favor Holy Family 2 in.
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Holy family pictures by Holyart

For example, you can choose an elegant Aurora Gold Holy Family in refractory clay. This is a stylised picture of the Holy Family made by hand in white refractory clay. The clay is first worked with hand moulding, then baked at over 1000° C. The finishing and processing are done completely by hand, to give it essential and expressive lines at the same time. It is a high-quality product, 100% Made in Italy, made at the Centro Ceramiche Ave in Loppiano (Florence).

Another proposal that combines classic taste with modern lines is the Quadretto Gioia Familiare 27 x 27 crystals, a precious watercolour print measuring 27 x 27 cm. Enclosed in a wooden frame with decorative crystals placed on the glass, the picture represents the faces of Jesus, Joseph and Mary in delicate colours. Handmade in Italy, this picture of the Holy Family is particularly suitable as a gift idea.

Of a decidedly more traditional cut, the 25 x 20 cm Painting Canvas depicts the Holy Family. This is the reproduction of a classic subject from the archives of the Bonella Brothers, a famous publishing house of sacred images founded at the beginning of the century by the brothers Egidio and Aristide Bonella. It represents Joseph and the Madonna praying on either side of a blessing Baby Jesus surrounded by lilies. The pictorial effect of the canvas enhances the mysticism of the subject, making it a real work of Sacred Art suitable to be hung immediately or framed.

More modern, but with respect for tradition, the picture with the image of the Holy Family in silver and two-tone wood can be either hung or placed, as it is equipped with a foot for support.
Two shaped wooden boards, one in white and one in dove grey, plus a silver plate coloured with the image of the Holy Family. The plate is made of metal with a silver bath.
It is a highly valuable product made in Italy, ideal as a gift for important occasions such as weddings or baptisms.

And for the little ones? It is never too early to convey the profound sense of family to children, and not just at Christmas. This colourful Arc Altarpiece with Nativity can turn out to be a perfect gift for them. The altarpiece is made of wood, on a blue background, and represents the Nativity with childish and delicate features. Ideal as an ornament for children’s bedrooms, or as a gift idea for baptisms, birthdays, and any occasion, it can be hung on the wall or placed on the table, using the removable support foot.