10 religious bracelets you can give for Valentine’s Day

10 religious bracelets you can give for Valentine’s Day

What about giving a religious bracelet for Valentine’s Day? Why not? A classy and original idea for an elegant gift, but with a deep spiritual meaning.

We already dedicated a long article to Valentine’s Day, not just as the lovers feast, a much commercial event with some charming suggestions, but also as a praise to the Roman bishop and martyr, patron of such a special day. Saint Valentine from Terni was bishop in his hometown in the II century, and dedicated his whole life to protect and help persecuted Christians. He was persecuted as well, and made a martyr under Emperor Aurelian.

Many legends about the life of this Saint describe more or less unhappy loves, in which he had a fundamental role as the protector of lovers. Let’s just think about the pagan legionnaire Sabino and the young Christian Serapy, which the Saint united in marriage even though the two believed in different religions, or the two lovers fighting in the Saint’s garden, the first two people he blessed on February 14th, a date that become fixed for lovers pilgrimages of future spouses since then. Or more, the dowry Saint Valentine gave a girl he could not marry because she was too poor.

According to another legend, the Saint was involved in a love story himself. He was arrested at the behest of the Emperor with the accusation of uniting in marriage young Christians, and fell in love with the daughter of his own jailer. He wrote her a long love letter before he died, signing it “From your Valentine”. It is not by chance then that on Valentine’s Day cards young lovers define themselves as each other’s Valentine.

The feast of lovers dedicated to Saint Valentine was celebrated already in the XV century, in the Courtly Love age. Documents and literature prove this tradition, which, throughout centuries, gained more and more frivolous aspects, but which is also a nice occasion to celebrate love.

Then why not giving your ‘Valentine’ something different from the usual chocolate hearts, perfumes, accessories, fashion items or funny gadgets? Holyart offers you an elegant but impressive alternative: bracelets with religious symbols. They’re not just jewels, but not just devotional objects as well. They are both and much more, and will convey the deep love you feel for your beloved one and the spiritual harmony you share.

Let’s see in detail which religious bracelets you can find in our online store.

Silver and golden bracelets

A golden or silver jewel is always appreciated, especially on an occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Holyart offers a wide variety of precious and refined bracelets, but affordable for all budgets. For example, the charming Bracelet in silver 800, classic style and enriched by 12 mother-of-pearl grains. As pendant, it has a small trilobed and finely worked cross.
It is a silver jewel with a sober and young look, and also unique because it is entirely handcrafted by highly skilled workers. A handicraft object then, where the value of the noble metal is tied to the value of the crafting.

A gift that a young mum-to-be will appreciate is the AMEN bracelet with pink foot charm mother of pearl 925 silver, with pink foot charm in mother of pearl.

Among religious bracelets for men, this one stands out: AMEN Saint Benedict leather bracelet with bronze charms. Elegant, but also very manly, for a Valentine that doesn’t want to give up elegance but can also show all of his strength to the woman he loves. Embellished with bronze charms, the bracelet has a circumference of approximately 20,50 cm and a magnetic closure.

Rosary or Decade bracelets

Valentine’s Day can also be a chance to give a rosary bracelet, especially when bracelets are so nice! The bracelet with transparent Swarovski crystals is an elegant rosary decade bracelet with Swarovski crystal grains, delicate and very refined; the rosary bracelet in silver 800 with grains of 6 mm diameter is decorated with real white crystals and the medal of the Miraculous Madonna. Those are bracelets you can wear every day to express your faith, but also to give yourself a further touch of elegance and light.

Silver bracelet and mother-of-pearl beads
Silver bracelet and mother-of-pearl beads.
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amen bracelet with pink foot charm mother of pearl 925 silver
AMEN bracelet with pink foot charm mother of pearl 925 silver.
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amen saint benedict leather bracelet with bronze charms
AMEN Saint Benedict leather bracelet with bronze charms.
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925 silver bracelet with transparent swarovski crystals
925 silver bracelet with transparent Swarovski crystals.
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Rosary bracelet in 925 silver with white crystals
Rosary bracelet in 925 silver with white crystals.
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Prayer bracelet (AMEN)

The prayer bracelet is suitable for any occasion as an important gift and surely of great impact. It can be a winner for both men and women on Valentine’s Day. In fact, in Holyart store you can find prayer bracelets for any style and taste. In particular, you can find Amen Bracelets, entirely made in Italy, in hypoallergenic Steel 316L and vegetal tanning leather, nickel-free, cadmium-free and lead-free. Possible electrolytic rhodium/golden plates are nickel-free.

A more delicate and young option is the AMEN bracelet with angel pendant, the prayer Angel of God engraved on in Italian, white leather and magnetic closure; a modern one is the double row AMEN bracelet in shiny mother-of-pearl thermoplastic. The Our Father prayer is engraved in it. This bracelet is available in different sizes and has a simple silver magnetic closure. Suitable for both men and women, and highly fashionable, is the AMEN bracelet with smooth cross pendant, Our Father prayer in Italian, brown leather and magnetic closure.

Various bracelets

If none of the above really catches your attention, then take a look at our section ‘Various bracelets’. You can find everything here, from leather to hard stones, from crystals to colorful cord knots. A very refined gift could be the amethyst bracelet with 6 mm grains. It is a rosary bracelet, but with an unusual structure in cord and hypoallergenic steel button. In the center, a Miraculous medal in satinized and rhodiated silver 925 stands out. The Elastic bracelet with Murano glass heart is very original and colorful. The bracelet is made of metal beads and heart-shaped grains in Murano glass. The bracelet is made in Italy and is a high quality object.

amen bracelet angel of god in italian brown charm
Amen bracelet, Angel of God in Italian, brown charm.
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amen bracelet in thermoplastic 925 sterling silver and mother of pearl with our father incision
AMEN bracelet in thermoplastic, 925 sterling silver and mother of pearl with Our Father incision.
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amen bracelet in brown leather our father
Amen Bracelet in brown leather Our Father ITA.
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amethyst bracelet 6mm
Amethyst bracelet 6mm.
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elastic bracelet with murano glass heart
Elastic bracelet with Murano glass heart.
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