Holy Family statue

Holy Family statue

With Holy Family we commonly define the family of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph.

It is also known as the Family of Nazareth, after the city where they lived. The Holy Family has provided since the beginning of the church the model to which every family should look up to, and still embodies the values ​​of affection, compassion and love that should be the basis of the concept of Family.

This very important symbolic value meant that the Holy Family was being reproduced since ancient times, becoming a subject of immortal works of art, and the widest possible and most humble artisan production of devotional images. In particular, the statue of the Holy Family is a very beloved element to the faithful, a subject of vital prayer and comfort.

Faithful to an iconography now decoded, the statue of the Holy Family depicts Mary as a beautiful young and a little sad woman, Jesus as a charming child, Joseph as an infinitely comforting and protective presence. Wood, metal, porcelain, in more recent times in hand painted resin, the statue of the Holy Family is a symbol that transmits an immediate sense of warmth and belonging, awakening feelings of love, protection, tenderness. To it we direct prayers of mothers for their children, of children for their distant parents, or sick, knowing that God looks with infinite love to blood relationship, the exclusive and special relationship that binds those who grew up together in a tie of affection and mutual understanding.

The statue of the Holy Family is also strongly connected to the theme of the Nativity, with all its reflections that derive, popular in the tradition of the Nativity, and solemn, in the concept of the Immaculate Conception and the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. A symbol for all, then, that speaks to the heart and soul like no one else ever.