Amen Collection: when faith meets fashion

Amen Collection: when faith meets fashion

It is not easy to combine faith and fashion. The two concepts could look out of place if put one next to the other. What has faith, the largest expression of spirituality and inner dialog between man and God, to do with something so superficial, ephemeral, and sometimes even frivolous, as fashion? It’s not always like that.

There are exceptions, such as fashion or even luxury objects that can express the basic concepts of the Catholic religion through a new language, which is original and definitely glamorous. They are the Amen Collection jewels. Unique in their kind, they have become very popular in Italy and in other countries, offering a winning combination of fashion, elegance and spiritual expression. The concept is simple in its intensity: give words of faith to those we love every day, let them know they are not alone and that they are loved and protected, and that our spirit is with them in every moment, but most of all, Jesus is with them. The strength of faith, the love of God that is base and end of religion, a higher and universal love: in these jewels, all find an expression of great delicacy and intensity at the same time.

Religious jewels
Religious jewels: fashion or devotion?

Where does this so innovative phenomenon come from? In 2012, the entrepreneur Giovanni Licastro first thought of creating jewels inspired to the Christian religion. An art made of special words. An idea that came from a faithful man turning to other faithful men, proposing jewels that can speak to the soul and that can express the spiritual commitment of those wearing them in every moment of the day. The design behind each single jewel of the Amen Collection is accurate and amazing. The challenge was of course not easy. It was about finding a new and modern way to reinterpret a spiritual language based on each one’s inner reality, memories, hopes, the most secret longings, but also on the respect due to religion in all of its displays. A delicate operation then, which generated a brand unique in its genre.

Faith is a choice that comes from within, a wish to belong to something bigger and more precious. It is an individual and conscious experience, which leads us to our deepest part and at the same time to that universal love represented by God. Amen jewels embrace a larger concept of love, which can be towards one’s husband or wife, a partner, children, friends, towards everyone.

The choice itself of the name, Amen, comes from the will to convey the religious message through these fashion objects. It is a sound that anyone in any country of the world can easily recognize, and vehicle of a universal faith. Amen is a Hebrew word adopted by the Christian liturgy as final formula for prayers and hymns. Its meaning can be summoned up as ‘surely’, ‘in truth’, ‘so be it’, but the etymological shades of the word Amen are many and deserve an article of their own. In the New Testament, Jesus introduces the fundamental principles he expresses with such word, and in doing so, he underlined their truthfulness: ‘Amen, amen I say to you’ – meaning: ‘Truly I say to you’, ‘What I say is true and certain’.

Amen jewels come from accurate studies and revolutionary creative processes, made of fine selected materials, metals, real leather, freshwater pearls, Murano beads, rhinestones, hard stones, and the utmost care for all details. In particular, Amen bracelets and necklaces are characterized by the innovative magnetic steel closure, the engraving technique used to carve words, and the color codes. The motto of the company says: Faith is Fashion. All production phases are carried out in Italy.

Amen Collections offer jewels of any kind: necklaces, bracelets, rings, wedding rings, rosaries, and so on. We want to linger in particular on the rings and bracelets that you can find in our online store.

Amen Collection: Rings

Amen rings are amazing jewels, suitable for any occasion. The materials they are made of are carefully selected and give the rings an extra value, already excellent for their manufacture and elegance. Many models are suitable both for men and for women, and give a unique touch of style.

In Holyart catalog, you will find many models of Amen prayer rings, all made in Italy with hand worked silver 925, such as the prayer ring 1 cm thick in silver 925 and burnished rhodium finishing, and the Our Father prayer carved on. Or else, the Amen ring in silver 925 with or without Pink finishing, with the words of the Our Father or the Hail Mary carved on its surface. This model is also available in white silver 925 decorated with white rhinestones.

A very particular jewel is the Amen ring with small leaves represented on the inside of the ring, with rhodium finishing on a black rhodium background and embellished with black rhinestones, available in different sizes.

For those looking for a refined ring suitable for special events, there are more elaborated and precious models decorated with rhinestones, such as the Amen ring in rhodium silver 925 depicting the Tree of Life surrounded by a circle of white rhinestones, available in various diameter sizes. Alternatively, the Amen ring in silver 925 and black rhodium finishing depicting two angel wings in the center, about 2 cm long and embellished with black rhinestones. An Amen ring with a more masculine feel is the one made of silver 925 and burnished finishing; in the center an onyx cabochon cut stone is placed, resulting in a convex upper part and a flat base. On the sides of the stones, there are two Sacred Heart.

Amen Collection: Bracelets

The Amen Collection bracelets are made in Italy. They are available in many materials, from leather to bronze, from silver to rubber, for all tastes and budgets.

7 types of religious bracelets to wear with style
7 types of religious bracelets to wear with style

The leather Amen bracelets are all made of hypoallergenic Steel 316L and vegetal tanning leather, nickel-free, cadmium-free and lead-free. Possible electrolytic rhodium/golden plates are nickel-free. Many have the words of the Our Father or the Hail Mary or other prayers carved on, but you can also find the Amen bracelet with the writing I love you in all the languages of the world, one with the Ten Commandments, one with quotes from Mother Teresa of Calcutta and those with Pope Francis prayer.

There are also bronze Amen bracelets with the Latin words of the Our Father carved on, the silver and Murano beads or freshwater pearls Amen bracelets, in various colors, with an angel pendant and the Italian words of the prayer Angel of God in silver 925.

Golden and rhodium lurex Amen bracelets are very modern and elegant, and can come also in pink and rhodium gold; they have a magnetic sphere for closing and opening of about 10 mm. The bracelet circumference is about 38 cm and it wraps around the wrist.

The rigid slave Amen bracelet is wonderful, has the Our Father prayer carved on a plate of about 8 mm. It is made of rhodium silver 925, is half-open and has rhinestones inserted at the beginning and end of the prayer.

The two rounds shiny thermoplastic Amen bracelets are modern and colorful. They are available in various colors and sizes, and the prayer Our Father is embossed in gold. They have a simple silver magnetic closure. More for the younger ones, the Amen bracelets in colored rubber are joyful and sparkly; the words of the Our Father are carved on, they have a magnetic closure in hypoallergenic steel 316L.

Amen Collection – Prices

Amen jewels prices vary according to the type of jewel and most of all to the material they are made of. Of course, rubber or thermoplastic bracelets will be cheaper than the ones entirely made of silver, or decorated with pearls and rhinestones, but Amen will surprise you even with its prices, affordable for anyone. Give others and yourself a jewel that is unique in shape and meaning, a symbol of love and devotion that will join you in every moment and those you love