The expressiveness of the Willow Tree collection

The expressiveness of the Willow Tree collection

The uniqueness that embodies the enchanting works of Susan Lordi, an American artist from Kansan City, most likely resides in their infinite expressiveness. It may sound like a contradiction for those who know her work. In fact, the feature that’s immediately evident when admiring these resin figures is that they do not have a face, nor traits that can identify them in any way.

They have no expression. And here’s the miracle, which makes the works of this artist extraordinary small masterpieces.

Even without a face, these figures express a range of emotions and feelings so vast and profound difficult to bear. It’s their poses, the suspended gestures of their arms, their hands, which make use perceive tenderness, love, joy, and even sadness.

We think of lovely mothers clinging to their children, or lovers in a hug that seems to last forever. We also think of children with their arms full of flowers, probably for a mother that we can only imagine, or delicate young girls intertwined in a hug that is a fairy dance.

Endless love is depicted in these simple figures: a sense of tenderness that enchants these angels with wire wings, loving keepers, loyal guardians, invisible and silent friends and even sad moments.

Susan Lordi’s animals are also wonderful: dogs and cats sometimes portrayed with their masters, sometimes alone. Four-legged angels with an immense heart, creatures of pure love just to be able to stand alongside theirs Human friends.

In a world that is increasingly surrounded by banality and unnecessary complexity, ephemeral dreams of plastic and extreme technology, the resin creatures of the Willow Tree collection are an enchanting oasis of feelings and spirituality, a deep breath that invites you to look within yourself and rediscover seemingly simple and sought after emotions, yet fragile and intense.

Here are a few feedbacks from our customers who have been able to touch the wonderful works of Susan Lordi with their hands.

Gabriella F. “Simply fantastic! It’s safe because it’s heavy, elegant and refined in the design of the dress, and the wings’ texture is original. A great gift for many occasions but just as nice to join other statues of the same kind ….”

Loretta F. “A wonderful collection! I love this angel, it’s a present for myself and I can’t sto looking at it. But its meaning goes beyond its beauty…”

Laura L. “Wonderful statuette: a perfect synthesis of love between lovers.”