Oil 31: Uses, Benefits and Properties

Oil 31: Uses, Benefits and Properties

Oil 31 is a mixture of natural oils extracted from pharmaceutical plants.

Made of 31 essential oils extracted from as many herbs, Oil 31 has many healing, refreshing, balsamic, toning and disinfecting properties. The many uses and benefits that this product can bring to our health make it one of the most popular and used formulas not only by those who love natural medicine, but by anyone looking for well-being. The herbal plants that make it are endowed with active ingredients and amazing properties that make Oil 31 a perfect cure for a whole range of small and serious disorders.

Which herbs make Oil 31?

Which herbs make Oil 31The herbs that make up the 31 oils vary depending on the recipe chosen for its production. Generally the product is made according to an old Swiss formula, but this can have many variations. The herbs that are always present in Oil 31 are: Peppermint, Orange, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Dill, Salvia, Thyme, Rosemary, Siberian fir, Pine, Cumin, Coriander, Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lavender, Lemon , Bitter Orange, Oregano, Pepper, Boswellia, Vanilla, Patchouli, Melissa, Artemisia, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Fennel, Citronella, Roman Mint, Canfora. Other formulations include myrtle, rose wood, violet, ginseng and many other herbs and plants whose beneficial properties have always been known to humanity. It’s concentrated oil, which has to be used in very small doses. It does not grease and dries quickly.

How much Oil 31 should I use?

Considering the differences between the many formulations available on the market, it’s always better to refer to the dosage reported on the packaging. Depending on whether the product is more or less concentrated, different quantities of drops will be required. However, the quantities are always very small: being a concentrated product, it’s always better not to overuse.

What’s the purpose of Oil 31?

What can we use Oil 31 for? It can be used for many reasons; so many that the versatility of this exceptional product is really amazing! Let’s look at what Oil 31 does and what incredible benefits can bring to different aspects of your life.

Oil 31 is an excellent remedy against cold.Oil 31 is an excellent remedy against cold

Oil 31 has balsamic, expectorant and fluidifying properties that fight the formation of catarrh and simplify its removal, but also offers relief in case of blocked nose and breathing difficulties.

Just put a drop of Oil 31 underneath the nostrils or with the handkerchief used to blow your nose to make your breathing less stressful.

A few drops of oil 31 in a bowl of boiling water will make a balsamic soup that will offer relief to congested nose and throat. Likewise, Oil 31 can be used during Aerosols.

A few drops in the radiator will make the room more welcoming for anyone with irritable or blocked nose. Oil 31 can also be added to milk and honey for a sweet and comforting hot drink for throat and nasal congestion. Mixed with lemon juice, it will be perfect for soothing gargling inflamed throats.

Oil 31 is an effective method to prevent and heal muscular and joint problems.

The anti-inflammatory and pain properties of these herbs not only ease contractures’ pain, for example cervical pain, but also prevent headaches.

10 drops of oil 31 mixed with a body cream is an ideal solution for numbness of muscles and joint pains. It’s enough to spread the ointment obtained on the sore parts for a couple of days, until full absorption. The faint properties of Oil 31 will also be beneficial in case of inflammatory and torsional pain. Few drops on the temples will ease the most persistent headaches.

Oil 31 cleans and disinfects teeth and gums.

To rinse your mouth with a little water and a few drops of Oil 31 will keep your oral cavity clean, and prevent heavy breath even for smokers. Added to the toothpaste on the toothbrush, it gives a nice breath and reinforces the gums. A few drops of Oil 31 in a glass of water are ideal for disinfectant flushing and gargle, or even to soothe irritated gums.

Oil 31 is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic.

Its formulation allows disinfecting body and home, giving a sense of freshness and cleanness. It can be used to perfume home and cabinets, or added to the diffuser on the heathers to make the air cleaner.

It’s effective against small wounds, itching caused by insect bites and as a natural after-treatment. Its soothing properties heal cuts, scratches and escorts, removing itching and annoyance. It even prevents the dandruff!

Oil 31 - Holyart
Oil 31 – Holyart

Oil 31 eases the belly cramps, even in the case of a menstrual cycle, and helps digestion.

By massaging the belly with a few drops of Oil 31, you’ll get rid of all kinds of abdominal cramps. Two drops swallowed with a little sugar or mixed with a cup of chamomile before each meal helps with digestive problems. Have a cup of chamomile or hot water with 3 drops of Oil 31, a little honey and a few drops of olive oil in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before bedtime is an excellent regulator for your metabolism.

Oil 31 is an incredible cream for swollen legs and feet.

Oil 31 has exceptional refreshing and soothing properties. When the heat makes your legs heavy and your feet swollen, add some drops to the bubble bath and have an invigorating shower; alternatively, add it to the body cream for a relaxing massage and instant relief. Oil 31 is also great for relaxing pedicures and foot massages.

Oil 31 gives energy and tone to body and mind, preventing stress.

Immerse yourself into a hot tub filled with 20 drops of Oil 31 to experience a relaxing and energizing experience, as well as a joy for your breathing.

Combined with massage oil or moisturizer, Oil 31 is excellent for massages of any kind, or simply for a scented and refreshing cuddle.

By itself, or combined with soap, Oil 31 gives freshness and a scent to the whole body.

Oil 31: Some feedback

After describing the incredible properties and benefits of Oil 31, we decided to let our customers speak for us. Below you’ll find some reviews that were written by those who bought the Oil 31 of the Camaldolese monks that you can find here on Holyart.

Michele M.

“Very good. I heard of it before and was pleasantly impressed with the perfume (especially for those who have a cold like me). Fast shipping: it arrived one day after ordering it. Highly recommended”

Massimo T.

“This is the first time I’ve used the product. I found it extremely useful, and it unblocks the nose in case of colds. Also useful when put in the humidifiers of the radiator to purify the air”

Pier M.

“Very useful for massages, or when added to the aerosol in case of colds or bronchitis, or just before going to sleep: some drops on your chest will help you breathe better.”

Ornella F.

“It’s a fantastic product. My right arm hurt for months, I massaged 3 times with Oil 31: the pain is still there, but it’s much lighter. Before I didn’t have any strength … I had a similar problem with my foot: I have arthrosis, and it can be incredibly painful especially when I walk. With Oil 31, I can ease the pain … It’s funny because I never believed in herbs… “

Manuela L.

“It’s an extremely versatile product. I used it for neck massages to find cervical relief. It’s amazing for headaches. I almost have to put it under lockdown since my family loves it too!! I’ll take another one.”