A comfortable and functional alternatives to real candles: PVC candles

A comfortable and functional alternatives to real candles: PVC candles

PVC candles are comfortable and functional alternatives to real candles; can also be cheaper and safer than traditional candles made of beeswax, vegetable wax, or paraffin, and their effect in terms of atmosphere and solemnity is not envious of traditional ones.

They use glass or plexiglass cylinders or PVC equipped with a wick and brass gigler (the nozzle through which the wick is passed) and powered by rechargeable cartridges for liquid wax.

On the inside of this candles cartridges, levels can be indicated with their relative duration, so you can constantly monitor consumption and adjust them for replacement. The liquid wax cartridges for PVC candles are usually in plexiglass, with a transparent body that indicates the hours of duration based on the amount of wax contained.

PVC candles and their refills are available in various sizes, which vary according to height and depending on the outer diameter of the cartridge. This variety of measures allows you to combine PVC candles between them depending on their use, always maintaining the same size without needing to change them frequently.

The use also ensures the cleanliness of the altars and the candleholders placed in the chapels and front of the statues of the saints. The wax does not come out of the cylinder and does not form difficult-to-remove deposits. Moreover, the structure of PVC candles makes it more difficult to get burned with the flames and prevents the risk of accidental fires.

However, since they are natural flames, PVC candles recreate the warm and cozy environment of churches at all times, turning on the devotion of the faithful and collecting them in a rich environment of sacredness and participation.