Lamp for the Blessed Sacrament: how to use

Lamp for the Blessed Sacrament: how to use

A symbol of God’s presence in every church, the Blessed Sacrament needs a special lamp that is perpetually lit. It is the lamp for the Blessed Sacrament

What happens to consecrated hosts that are not consumed during Mass? We are talking about the hosts that were the object of the Eucharistic consecration, and thanks to transubstantiation have become to all intents and purposes “the body and blood of Christ.” Well, they are placed in a pyx, a sacred cup closed by a lid and a veil, which is placed in the tabernacle, a special structure found in every church, intended solely to hold the precious species of the sacrament (bread and wine), and in particular the consecrated host: the Blessed Sacrament. The tabernacle is usually placed in a part of the church or oratory, covered with a veil of the color of the current Liturgical Season, and in front of it a lamp must always remain lit: the lamp for the Blessed Sacrament. It is precisely this lamp that we want to focus on today, since it is, in addition to one of the indispensable liturgical accessories in a church, the visible manifestation of the presence of the consecrated bread and consequently of Jesus in the church.

The Blessed Sacrament

Besides being used for the next Mass, the Blessed Sacrament is taken from the tabernacle, placed in a monstrance, and used for expositions of the Blessed Sacrament, during which Eucharistic adoration, the special prayer intended solely for it, is practiced. The adoration of the Blessed Sacrament means we direct our prayers and attention to the tabernacle that holds within it this precious liturgical symbol, a witness to the presence of Jesus in every church.

But how should the Eucharistic lamp be made? Usually, it is a glass container inside which a candle or oil lamp is placed, which must burn continuously. The container can be transparent or red, and the candle, or the oil in the lamp, must ensure that the flame will burn for at least seven days. No maintenance will be required, and under no circumstances will it be necessary to turn the lamp off in the evening and turn it back on in the morning. Therefore, it is very important to choose quality products that really guarantee the durability and reliability indicated on the package.

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Tips for proper use of the Eucharistic Lamp

The glass container, which can be a simple glass, or something much more elaborate, should also be chosen not only for its decorative function, but also for its ability to protect the flame from air displacement and allow it to burn properly, without excessive oscillations and without igniting anything. One tip, if you use pillar candles, is to pour a little water into the bottom of the glass or container, to make it easier to clean up wax residue when replacing it or when it is needed. It is also a good idea to leave the candle wrapped in the plastic or cellophane inside which it is sold, again to make it easier to collect the leftover wax. Simply wait until the wax left at the bottom of the plastic container has cooled and re-solidified before proceeding with replacement and disposal.

What pillar candles are best to use?

On our store you will find candles, and pillar candles of all kinds, from votive candles to Easter candles, to altar candles, as well as all the liturgy accessories essential in every place of worship. Our candles can be made of beeswax or vegetable wax, as well as kerosene wax. Not only that, but you will also find liquid wax and lamps to burn it, as well as lamps for the Blessed Sacrament in all shapes and materials, from brass hanging lamps to hang from the ceiling or from the appropriate hooks to wood or brass stem lamps, to those that can be fixed to the wall.

Holyart Blessed Sacrament pillar candles are available in beeswax or vegetable wax, packaged in red or white PVC containers decorated with the symbol of the Monstrance and the inscription IHS, in some cases complete with a metal flame breaker grate. They burn completely and evenly in both summer and winter. The shelf life of the pillar candles ranges from 2 to 9 days depending on the model chosen, and the PVC container allows for the collection of any wax residue, making the pillar candles suitable for both liturgical services and risk-free home use.