Decorating the Christmas tree: rules and advice

Decorating the Christmas tree: rules and advice

December 8th is the day when traditionally people gather to kick off the Christmas holidays with the assembly and preparation of the tree. This year we have decided not to let you arrive unprepared. Here is a little guide to not making mistakes and decorating the best tree ever.

Many are probably thinking that it is not that difficult to put lights and balls on a synthetic tree. But will it be true?

We will guide you step by step, from choosing the Christmas tree to selecting the right lights and decorations, on what are the best solutions to obtain a result worthy of the best furniture magazines.

Choose the Christmas tree

Small, large, tall, low, narrow, wide, snow-covered or not, the range of Christmas trees is vast and being able to navigate the infinite possibilities of choice can be complicated.

If you have a large house and a lot of space, the advice is to get a tall tree with a fairly wide base that touches the floor so as not to show the feet that support it. By far the most scenic type of tree.

If, on the other hand, there is not a lot of space available, try to take advantage of the height, perhaps bet on slim Christmas trees, not bulky but still impactful.

Obviously, the measurement of the room is fundamental, the rule requires that the tip of the tree reaches a maximum of 50 cm from the ceiling, not higher.

Another thing to take into consideration is the number of branches of which the tree is composed, it will seem trivial but, the more branches there are, the more beautiful the tree will be. Short needles and lots of twigs at the tips are the extra touches that will make your tree look thicker.

What to put on the foot of the Christmas tree

The base of the Christmas tree is the most “unsightly” part that can sometimes distract us from the magical atmosphere that the lights and the glitter of the decorations try to create, if you want to obtain an optimal final effect it would perhaps be appropriate to cover it with small and simple expedients.

If you are looking for something ready to use, an idea could be to buy special Christmas tree base covers, which blend perfectly by taking up the basic colour of the tree or perhaps themed, with drawings of reindeer and puppets of snow to make children happy too.

Does it seem trivial to you? do you prefer more creative solutions? your only limit is your imagination. Fake packages, wicker baskets and wood logs can be placed on the lower part of the tree in order to obtain a modern and playful effect.

Finally, you can choose to combine modernity and tradition by inserting a hut with the Nativity scene at the base of your tree.

Building a nativity scene under the Christmas tree will allow you to combine the two most important symbols of Christmas, giving each one the right relevance.

How to put the lights on the Christmas tree

Putting lights on the Christmas tree is perhaps the most complicated and also the most underestimated thing.

lights on the Christmas tree

So let’s see together what are the basic steps:

  1. Choose the type of light that you prefer and that best matches the other decorations you already own or want to buy. You can choose monochrome lights or coloured lights, warm coloured lights or cold coloured lights. For example, if your decorations turn towards shades of blue and silver it will be better to choose a string of lights with a cold tone, a bright white or a blue, and different speech if your decorations tend towards warmer colours such as gold or red.
  2. Purchase a sufficient number of threads of light for the tree to be well-covered. The biggest mistake you can make is to save on the purchase of lights and then leave empty areas here and there. If for the decorations you can choose to decorate little or nothing the back of the tree, for the lights is not the same.
  3. The techniques for positioning the lights are different, we have selected the two that we believe give the best final effect. The first mode, the most classic one, provides that the lights are placed from top to bottom, just turn the wire all around the fir tree until the lights are well distributed, for an even more scenic effect you can think to insert a thread in the part of the tree closest to the trunk and a second one instead in the outermost part on the branches. The other method, which requires a higher number of lights, is that which involves wrapping the branches one by one starting from the base up to the top.

Christmas tree decorations, how and where to put them

We have reached the last stage of Christmas tree decoration, the one most awaited by children: the moment when the decorations are hung from the branches and everything takes shape.

After choosing the tree, covering the base and fixing the lights, all you have to do is hang the decorations. Which ones? How many? Where? Difficult to give an answer that suits everyone, a lot depends on the style you have chosen for your fir, its size and a number of other factors.

However, we can give you three simple tips to avoid making mistakes:

  1. Never place decorations in a row, neither vertically nor horizontally. All the Christmas balls or decorations that you are going to place must, apparently, have a random order.
  2. Avoid placing the larger balls at the bottom of the spruce and the smaller ones at the top. The decorations, large and small, must be distributed evenly over the entire length.
  3. Use a base of the same decorations to make everything uniform and break the monotony with unique pieces, particularly precious decorations or hand-made blown glass balls.