10 ideas to decorate your garden during Christmas

10 ideas to decorate your garden during Christmas

Christmas is getting closer, and we are all buzzing about how we should decorate and embellish our homes for Christmas. But the garden also deserves to be decorated, let’s see together some ideas to do it better.

The tradition of decorating our homes for Christmas is deeply rooted in ancient times. Today we just adapted to new means and technologies, which allow us to choose among an almost endless range of ornaments options. So, go ahead with Christmas trees of course, but also garlands, wreaths, lights, branches crowns and poinsettias, felt dolls, you name it.

But the garden deserves to be decorated as well, wheter it is big or small, especially if we think that it’s what people are more likely to see of our home. To some extent, outdoor decorations represent the wish to make the street, the neighborhood, the whole town we live in more beautiful and magic, just as we do with our homes. But this time we commit to create something beautiful for others, for strangers passing by, in a community celebration of joy and expectation for the coming Christmas.

There are plenty of ways to decorate the facade of your home and embellish your garden, make it welcoming and joyful even in winter, switching up lights and colors. You don’t need a huge garden. Even the walkway to your door can be enhanced until it completely changes its looks. Ornaments and decorations created on purpose for outdoor environments, united to fantasy and creativity, can help you wrap your home into a magic and special atmosphere.


Let’s begin with lights, maybe a predictable suggestion, but that can offer many variations, some of which are very original. We can find many light strings and ornaments for outdoors on the market. Make sure you buy only the one reporting the mark ‘outdoor’ on the box and tag, besides the IP Code (International Mark for Protection, or Mark for Entrance Protection), which states the grade of protection of electric materials in the presence of solid particles (such as dust) or liquids. The protection standard required for Christmas light must be minimum IP44. It is also advisable to choose low-consumption led lights.

Outdoor lights can be placed in so many ways, it all depends on how your garden is structured, if there are trees, bushes, columns or railings. The facade of the house too can provide points of support that can help you create light games of great effect. Even benches and chairs can become supports for your lights.

You can create beautiful effects framing your windows with lights, both on the inside and on the outside, so that the sparkling can be seen from outside. Another option is taking small lanterns, maybe handmade with small jars and twine, and putting some lights inside them, to create an even more spectacular effect. Obviously if you have a big garden with many trees, you can fill them with shiny lights. They don’t have to be necessarily spruces. In the past people used fruit trees as Christmas trees!

The entrance door

The entrance door is a fundamental element for your home, whether you live in a condo or in an independent house. It’s the first thing people will see when passing by your house, the welcome we offer to those visiting. Therefore it deserves to be decorated and made special for Christmas holidays.

The decorations that are most suitable for entrance doors are surely garlands, wreaths and festoons. Many beautiful light garlands can be found in stores, they will turn your door into the entrance to a magic and warm world. As an alternative, you could opt for classic holly festoons, or spruce branches, decorated with red ribbons, satin or tulle bows and christmas decorations. Even pine cones, painted in gold or silver, can be an excellent ornament for your door. With wire, cottonwool and fabrics you can create a chubby and colorful Santa Claus to guard your door.

If you have an old umbrella stand next to your door, it can become a beautiful decoration too. You just need to paint it with acrylic colors, spraying it with golden dust and glitters, and put a beautiful red bow on it. And remember, it is good practice to hang mistletoe above your door. It pushes evil away, protects your home and will ensure that every visitor will give you a kiss as good wish before coming in.

garden decorations


If you have vases in front of your home or on window sills, you can have fun decorating them a thousand different ways. First, fill them up with balls and Christmas ornaments, which will capture lights sending them back with many shiny beams. The perfect thing would be to fill the vases with plants that are already decorative on their own and apt for the season: poinsettias first of all, then dwarf spruce, small evergreen bushes, holly, heather, hellebore.

Ribbons and bows wrapped around the vases will create an elegant Christmas frame. You can choose to be faithful to your terracotta vases, so rustic and peculiar, or change their look during Christmas, painting and decorating them. Use gold, silver, red and blue to paint them entirely, or just to draw some decorations, snowflakes, stars, and so on.

The green leaves of the plants will do the rest, creating amazing contrasts that will highlight every corner of your garden.

If you have flower pots you could put dwarf pines inside, and let colorful light strings flow through them. You can add Christmas balls and other decorations to the flower pots.


Windows are suitable for many decorative options, which will make your house beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. We already mentioned framing them with colorful light strings.

At the same way we can ornate them with green festoons, decorated with Christmas ribbons and balls. You could create an interesting effect using stencils directly on glass: with colored paint or even better spray snow, you could create draw images that can easily be removed after the holidays.

On the market you can find Christmas themed adhesive window transparencies. Placed on your windows, they will make them look like cathedrals glass windows, and with the surrounding lights, they will spread the color and Christmas magic all around. Alternatively, there are stickers you can apply on windows, representing Christmas decorations, red bows, small Santas, snowflakes, and so on.

You can hang small figures so that they dangle in front of the window, maybe attached directly to the fixtures with ribbons or the curtain box: they will look gorgeous from the outside and from the inside.

If it’s very cold, you can also use ice as decoration, placing some jars full of water on your windowsills, and putting berries, pearls or leaves inside.

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Christmas balls

Of any color, any size, they are suitable to decorate every detail of your home, both on the inside and on the outside.

Place them on every tree and bushes, in vases and flower pots. They will make your garden look like a treasure chest! If you chose to place your Christmas tree outside, do not skimp. Use mainly plastic balls that are more resistant, and you will have a spectacular effect.

You can find giant Christmas balls in stores, or you might paint big balls as if they were Christmas balls. In both cases, success is guaranteed. If you have a terrace or balcony, hang balls and other decorations along the whole railing, putting a light string among them.


What is more magic and joyful than a snowman?

Waiting to be able to make a real snowman, as an alternative, if winter will not be snowy enough, you can make one with onld tyres painted in white, or with your old Christmas tree. Turning vases upside down, and with a little fantasy, you can create an army of white and red small Santa Claus.

You can find inflatabble snowmen or made of LED lights in stores.

Wood decorations

Tree logs decorated with Santa’s face, raindeers carved in wood, or even just “slices” of logs tied together in lines with red ribbons and painted. Otherwise, sticks where you can paint Santa’s face on, maybe with a red hat, or again slices of wood assembled to create stars and stylised trees.

Wood is a highly versatile material, warm and suitable for beautiful Christmas decorations even if you don’t have great manual skills. Wood figures, already described when talking about window decorations, are suitable for multiple uses. Use tree branches, place them around the house and decorate them with balls and ribbons keeping its natural color or painting them in white to obtain an extra touch of elegance.

A little wooden fence built around our Christmas tree in our garden, or fruit crates painted in white and filled with dwarf spruces, poinsettias and evergreen trees will make your garden or terrace more beautiful than ever.

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Garden gnomes

Not everybody loves them but they can be precious allies. You just need to improve them a little bit, putting Santa’s hats on, and they’ll fill your garden with colorful characters perfect for your Christmas setting.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fountain in their garden.

If you are among the lucky ones, you can turn it into a decorative element, placing colored led lights on the side or even inside the tub: once they are lit, they’ll create wonderful game lights.


One of the most recent innovations in outdoor decorations, especially meant for Christmas, are projectors. You can find laser or LED models, and they offer spectacular decorations without having to move anything.

They are easily installed, with no need for technical support, are easy and safe to use, and also low-consumption. With them you can light up walls, terraces, trees, hedges, even the bottom of a pool, with colorful and dynamic light games of great effect. There are various effects you can choose from, such as stars, snowflakes, countless shiny and colorful spotlights, wish signs or Santa Claus’ sledge.