The Dominican’s Rosary Movement

The Dominican’s Rosary Movement

The Dominican’s Rosary Movement shows both the desire for community devotion and the desire to promote Dominican Spirituality and the philosophy of love linked to the Holy Rosary.

Dominicans daily lives involve searching for truth and intimacy with Jesus, pursued by daily actions, but above all by faith and meditation research associated with the Rosary.

For Dominicans, Virgin Mary’s love, from whose holy hands Saint Dominic received the Rosary, becomes a means for approaching Christ and his saving light. The Rosary is intended as a tool of personal and communal meditation and prayer, but for preaching. The task of the Movement’s members is to carry Mary’s spiritual values ​​and invite those who haven’t found them, get to know them and make them enter their lives as a tool of salvation and faith. Common reflection and prayer in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary serves as a crucible for spirit and forge in order to create new men.

Another of the objectives of the Dominican’s Rosary Movement is to welcome those who, curious about this profession of Faith and form of devotion, want to know more about it. The task of the father responsible for the Dominican Movement of the Rosary is to bring everywhere the experience of reflection and prayer, as a testimony of faith and example of a path even to those who haven’t yet understood its steps.

The Movement also offers and organizes occasions of common prayer and meeting, pilgrimages in sanctuaries and conferences aimed at reflecting on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Those who can’t afford long journeys are invited to the Regional Rosary Rallies, but there are also more ambition and complex proposals, such as group holiday, opportunities for common meditation and devotion to the Virgin Mary.