Virgin Mary statues

Virgin Mary statues

Amongst the various duties of a good Christian, the veneration of the Virgin Mary is the one which above all, gives voice to a need. The intrinsic need in the heart of every man, in any time and place, to be able to turn to a benevolent and infinitely compassionate presence, even if it’s in the form of a simple Virgin Mary statues, who reaches out with her merciful hands to receive the soul, to give them peace and forgiveness.

Being aware of this need, the Church has always encouraged the adoration of Mary through various representations, such as the Virgin Mary statues, which can be found inside all churches. Mother of Jesus and of every man, the most sublime creature of the creation, willed by God for the wonder of heaven and earth.

In this women full of Grace, flow the desires and hopes of all sorrowful men, which in her name and semblance, find the most pure, authentic and unconditional love. That of the mother which receives and consoles, which comforts and soothes, which above all, forgives even the worst sinners, giving them hope. It is not by chance that Virgin Mary statues often represent her with a child in her arms, to symbolize her fundamental role as mother of every man.

Mother of immense love, mother of immense pain, in the ultimate sacrifice of her only beloved son. To this symbol of purity and love are dedicated a place of honor in the liturgy. A good Christian is called upon to manifest his dedication every day, with exercises of devotion and piety.

Virgin Mary statues adorn churches and sanctuaries all around the world, an intangible sign that this faith needs love. The statues which represent her, although very different from one another, nonetheless, express the same concept of kindness, compassion and benevolence. In the shadow of the virgin clothing, in which the Mother Mary statue is often seen draped, the soul finds enlightenment, kindness and respite. It does not matter if the material used to create the statue of Mary is humble or magnificent. It can be made from chalk, wood, marble, or more modern resin, and PVC. It does not matter, if She is adorned with gold or precious stones, or made as a simple white effigy.

Virgin Mary statues are sentinels of grace placed to guard the heart; they are safe sanctuaries, symbols of the authentic devotion, and reciprocal love.

Here some of our Virgin Mary statues, present on our catalogue.

Immaculate Madonna 100cm statue in painted reconstituted marble
Immaculate Madonna in reconstituted marble
Our Lady of Lourdes fiberglass statue 100 cm
Our Lady of Lourdes fiberglass statue
Our Lady of Fatima fiberglass statue 120 cm
Our Lady of Fatima fiberglass statue 120 cm