10 crucifixes for your home: check them out on the Holyart catalog

10 crucifixes for your home: check them out on the Holyart catalog

Keeping a crucifix in your home. A choice for many, a duty and a need for a Christian. Symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice, it keeps Evil in all of its shapes away and reminds us about the love of God in every moment.

The crucifix (also called crucified Christ, from the verb ‘to crucify’, hang with nails) is a fundamental symbol in Christian religion. It is, as we all know, the representation of Jesus on the cross at the moment of his death. Jesus is usually half-naked, his head leaning on his shoulder, his forehead ringed by a crown of thorns. His hand are nailed to the arms of the cross, his feet to the shaft. Two fingers of his right hand are bent to indicate number two, symbolizing the second person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus shows the wound inflicted by Longinus on his ribs. Usually, the writing I.N.R.I. is engraved just above his head, which means Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum). It is the Titulis crucis, that is, the reason behind his death sentence, which was mandatory in such executions.

Throughout centuries, many different iconographies spread to represent the Crucifixion, such as the Christus triumphans, Christ triumphant overs death, alive on the cross and in a frontal position with his head up and his eyes opened, popular since the XII century. The Christus patiens of Byzantine inspiration in the following century, represents a suffering Christ with his head on his shoulder, his eyes closed and his body tense because of the agony.

Among modern crucifixes, the stylized crucifixes are the most popular: they have pleasant, sober and elegant lines, but are also simple and essential for a new and unique design.

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It is interesting to see how there have been so many reinterpretations, even though today the main representations of the Cross are based on medieval models; those reinterpretations are connected to the artistic style of the author, to the materials available, but also to the devotional expressions typical of the place they are made. Let’s think for example to some representations that are particularly raw in the South of Italy, or even more in South America or Mexico, where Jesus is often represented while bleeding and humiliated, surrounded by soldiers that act cruelly towards him, condemned by powerful ones, in an expression of the adverse fate people suffered throughout centuries of persecutions.

Besides the artistic representations and the evolution of the image of Jesus crucified, what we want to remind here is that the crucifix is a very powerful Sacramental for the Catholic Church. Here is the definition of Sacramental, as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: ‘Holy Mother Church has, moreover, instituted sacramentals. These are sacred signs which bear a resemblance to the sacraments. They signify effects, particularly of a spiritual nature, which are obtained through the intercession of the Church. By them men are disposed to receive the chief effect of the sacraments, and various occasions in life are rendered holy’ (Catechism 1667)
Keeping a crucifix in our home is a way to always remember Jesus’ sacrifice, his immense love for us, but is also a way to keep evil away, because the crucifix is the symbol of Satan’s defeat. Each time our eyes will look at this precious image, we will be able to draw new strength from it to help us get rid of temptations and evil, strong with Jesus’ love for us and the immortal example of his great sacrifice.

There are crucifixes of any size and material, from wood to metal, often a precious one, and even glass. Art history is full of examples of such representation, made by famous artists as pictures, bas-relief or chiseling, for example the works by Giotto, Michelangelo, Cimabue, Donatello and so on.

We will present the crucifixes you will find in the Holyart catalog, and which you can comfortably choose from our online store. You will find wooden or silver crucifixes, wall or table crucifixes, and many other solutions that can be perfect for any home and furniture.

Saint Benedict Cross

Saint Benedict Medal
Saint Benedict Medals

Saint Benedict Medal is a powerful Sacramental recognized by the Catholic Church. In particular, it is recommended as instrument for exorcisms and purification from evil influences. It has engravings on both sides. On one side, it shows Saint Benedict holding a cross in his right hand and the book containing his monastic Rule in his left hand. Other symbols (a broken cup, a raven and a poisoned loaf) recall episodes of the Saint’s life. On the back side of the medal, there is a big cross surrounded by the engraved words of a powerful exorcism.

In Holyart catalog, you will find the authentic Saint Benedict Crosses, in metal, olive wood and other fine woods, but also resin, neutral or colored, like the beautiful Medjugorje Crucifix with Saint Benedict Medal in size 26×18 cm, handmade by Medjugorje artisans. Or else, the wonderful Saint Benedict Cross with inlay work in wood, satinized and galvanized aluminum to protect it from deterioration over time, made of silver-plated brass. The body is nailed to the cross with nails on the back and the medal, with all of the letters, is not melted with the cross but manually inserted in the hole of the cross.

Ceramic, clay and ceramic crucifixes

About ceramic, clay and porcelain, Holyart offers a wide variety of Crucifixes made of artistic ceramic, porcelain stoneware of various sizes and colors, of refractory clay made by the Ceramica Centro Ave of Loppiano (Florence), and porcelain models by the artist Francesco Pinton. An exquisite model is this Corpus Christi from Naples in terracotta, hand painted with oil colors, and glass eyes; it is 45 cm high and is a high quality handmade product made by Neapolitan highly skilled artisans. A more modern and stylized crucifix is this stylized Corpus Christi in refractory white clay, 44 cm high, handmade, hand molded in clay and then baked at more than 1000°C. Finishing and working are entirely handmade in order to give the object pleasant, sober and elegant lines.

Table Crucifixes

In our store you will also find crucifixes with bases for tables or altar, in wood or metal, such as the Crucifix with curved cross base made of Valgardena colored wood (available also in wood color), handmade by artisans from Valgardena, who follow the best local artistic tradition. Artisans and artists carve Alps wood and paint it with mastery in each single detail. It is a very fine and high quality object.

Saint Benedict cross with wood inlays 40x20
Saint Benedict cross in satin aluminum with a precious wood inlay, 40x20 cm. The crucifix and the medal are in silver-plated brass. The crucifix is nailed to the cross. This Saint Benedict cross is entirely hand-crafted, very precious and guaranteed.
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Saint Benedict crucifix, Medjugorje 16x18cm
Medjugorje crucifix with Saint Benedict medal measuring 34x19cm. This item is made in Medjugorje by local craftsmen.
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Bas-relief Jesus Christ body, 44 cm
Bas-relief Jesus Christ body, 44 cm. Bas-relief in fireclay depicting the corpus of Chirst. This stylized clay statue is first hand worked, then baked at more than 1000° degrees and hand finished. A very prestigious religious item, 100% made in Italy by the famous Ceramics Center Ave of Loppiano (Florence).
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Table crucifix with base, curved cross in coloured Valgardena
Table crucifix with base, curved cross in coloured Valgardena wood. Sculpture in maple wood, hand made by the Valgardena craftsmen following the local artistic tradition. These artisans sculpt the Alps wood with great skills and ability. This is a fine article of high quality. You can chose the size you want: - 29cm cross (12cm Corpus Christi) - 35cm cross (15cm Corpus Christi) - 42cm cross (20cm Corpus Christi). Also available in different finishes (upon request).
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Wooden Crucifixes

In our store, you will find wooden crucifixes of any kind and size, from the most classic ones to more stylized and modern ones. The most used is olive wood; it is handcrafted in all of its details: the crosses, Christ’s bodies, the cherry tree, the fir tree and so on. The Medjugorje Crucifix in fir wood on roots is very particular; it is entirely handmade by woodworkers in Medjugorje (Bosnia Herzegovina), it is made of fir wood and it is sustained by roots. Wood is first cleared, then sealed, and later colored and varnished. A very high quality product with durability guarantee.

Metal Crucifixes

Holyart metal crucifixes are made of silver-plated or gilded bronze and brass by artisans that still use traditional techniques. Elegant and original lines for this Silver-plated and gilded metal crucifix, where the cross is made of silver-plated and gilded grapes and grapevines. Made by a small Italian firm with artisanal techniques, where metal undergoes multiple working phases to guarantee quality and durability.

Stone Crucifixes

Most of Holyart stone Crucifixes are handcrafted by the nuns of the Atelier d’Art of Bethlehem (France), or in Medjugorje stone from Mount Podbrdo. They are refined products, high quality and unique in their kind. For example, the Easter cross in Bethlehem stone, made of Pyrenees stones by the nuns of the Bethlehem Monastery in France, with artisanal techniques and a unique style, which make it an exquisite and high quality object.

Glass or Plexiglas Crucifixes

Holyart glass and Plexiglas crucifixes are modern and innovative. These crosses are all handmade and are 100% Made in Italy. Some are reproductions of famous crucifixes from Italian art history, made of Plexiglas by important artists. Others are made of glass and have a modern style, but they are the result of a handcrafting, which comes from Murano artisan masters techniques. For example, the Topaz glass Crucifix with gilded body, a wall crucifix worked with a topaz effect and Christ’s body in gilded metal.

Wall Tau

The Tau, symbol of Redemption and Cross that was so dear to Saint Francis, is once again in the Holyart wall Taus; they are made of different materials, such as olive wood, ceramic, leather, bark, and are all suitable to be hanged to the wall. One example can be the Olive wood Tau Cross: the tau shaped cross is made of olive wood and Jesus’ body is made of silver-plated brushed metal. It is made in Italy with only Italian materials.

Crucifix, gold-plated with grape branches 24cm
Crucifix, gold-plated with grape branches 24cm and silver-plated body of Christ. This cross is made in a small Italian company with artisan methods; it's a high quality article and it's guaranteed to last in time.
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The Compassion
The Compassion, Jesus during the terrible moment of his passion is supported by John and Mary, they suffer with Him and their sufferings generates a sense of love and peace. The characters in this marvellous statue have their eyes closed, a sign of their sorrow, accepted without complaints and with humility. This crucifix is entirely hand-made and hand-painted by the nuns of the monastery of Bethleem.
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Holy Spirit cross in mother of pearl imitation
Olive wood tau body of Christ in silvery metal 37 cm. This Tau cross is made in Italy and it is suitable for wall hanging.
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Olive wood tau body of Christ in silvery metal 37 cm
The Compassion, Jesus during the terrible moment of his passion is supported by John and Mary, they suffer with Him and their sufferings generates a sense of love and peace. The characters in this marvellous statue have their eyes closed, a sign of their sorrow, accepted without complaints and with humility. This crucifix is entirely hand-made and hand-painted by the nuns of the monastery of Bethleem.
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