St. Joseph and Holy Family medal polished edge 2 cm diameter

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St. Joseph and Holy Family medal polished edge 2 cm diameter. It has a round shape and has a diameter of 1.7 cm. It is made entirely of zamak. Thanks to a ring placed on the upper part of the medal it is possible to wear it. This St Joseph and Holy family medal is made in Italy.

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Really beautiful medal. It's 2cm in diameter, so a bit small but ideal for a wristband if you get a string elsewhere. I love it.

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Jose B. | 3/22/2023
I have been creating nativity scenes as a family tradition for years. I started use the website...
Martin V. | 2/22/2023
It was the first time I ordered an item from Holyart. I was very happy with my purchase. It was...
Marie C. | 2/17/2023
Dear Lisa and Alessandra, I want to express my gratitude to you both for ensuring I received...