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Skin-nourishing cream containing royal jelly and suitable for all skin types. This cream helps the skin to be elastic and soft and it also has an excellent anti-age power. Royal Jelly stimulates the metabolic reaction of skin cells therefore it has a good rejuvenation power.

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  • Materials: Ancient icon of Pokrov 'Protection of the Mother of God'
    Icon dated XIX cen. from the ruddian school called Pokrov or else 'Protection (Pokrov) of the Mother of God'. This icon is connected to the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Saint Andrew the fool for Christ in the act of extending her homophor (protection) over the faithful to protect the., but also to that of Saint Roman the Melodist, the author of Akathistos hymn.
    According to tradition the Virgin apparition made him eat a scroll; the saint was presented with an extraordinary melodious voice with which he sang his entire life in praise of Mary. After undergoing a few iconographic elaborations throughout XVII-XVIII cen. the number of angels, saints, kings and faithful increased.
    Saint Roman is represented both standing straight and singing to sovereigns and also on his hill bed while he receives the apparition of the Holy Virgin.
    Andrew the fool shows a disciple the Virgin with the veil among the entreating
  • Origin: Italy


  • Contents50 ml
  • Contents1.69 fl oz
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