Stacking ciboria with cross lid

Model: CL000020
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Stacking ciboria in gold-plated brass with base. The bottom of each ciborium coincides with the top of the underlying ciboria, therefore it is possible to stack them.
The manufacturing process of this object is complex: the brass ciboria are nickeled, then coated with palladium and plated with 24 carat gold galvaninc covering, both inside and outside.
Ciboria capacity depend on size:
- triple ciboria with 14 cm diameter, 600 hosts,
- double ciboria with 16 cm diameter, 500 hosts.
Choose the desired size, below the image.

  • Shipping Weight: 1Kg
  • Materials: golden plated brass
  • Origin: Italy


  • Triple pix capacity600 cm
  • Triple pix height17.5 cm
  • Triple pix diameter14 cm
  • Double pix height14.5 cm
  • Double pix diameter16 cm
  • Double pix capacity500 ostie / host / hostie / hostien / hostias / hostie
  • Triple pix capacity236.22 in
  • Triple pix height6.89 in
  • Triple pix diameter5.51 in
  • Double pix height5.71 in
  • Double pix diameter6.3 in
  • Double pix capacity500 ostie / host / hostie / hostien / hostias / hostie
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