Padre Pio statues

Padre Pio statues

The sort devotion around the figure of Pio of Pietrelcina, better known by the faithful as Padre Pio, exceeds in dissemination and ardor that dedicated to many other saints and famous historic holy.

This affection and enthusiasm come from the same religious character of Pietrelcina, from his deep humanity, from his being entirely and constantly straining toward the people, his people, who loved him and always followed, attracted by his sanctity and his mystery. His fame as a miracle worker did not only increase the affection and devotion of his devotees

After his death and canonization, the figure of Padre Pio has assumed a magnitude even greater and his veneration has reached global proportions.

Padre Pio statues are among the objects to which more the worship of the devotees to the Holy targets.

Padre Pio statues, both those produced in series and the real sculptures and monuments, are works that attempt to give the grace of the Holy in the materials of all kinds, to allow anyone to feel closer.

Padre Pio statues are often made of wood, natural and living material, which over time acquires greater beauty and value. However, Padre Pio statues in any shape and size, can also be made of bronze, fiberglass, marble, glass, clay.

They are often unique pieces, hand worked, precious and refined artistic achievements, but mass production is also widespread: daily devotional objects, that protect and preserve the house, offering in every instant comfort and support to those who live there.

Padre Pio statues often hark back to the original created in San Giovanni Rotondo, by local artisans: the Holy usually appears in blessing position, his face bathed in sweetness and devotion, the secret hope of those who know they have been chosen to bring Love in the world.