Christmas Home decorations

Christmas Home decorations

The Christmas spirit is unique and indescribable. It slowly seeps into houses, spreading around like a nice perfume, a past scent that reminds you of comforting memories and a golden, unforgettable childhood. Maybe in contrast to the outside cold, a new heat spreads around inside which is different yet the same every year, making it so familiar and reassuring. It is a hug around everyone, drawing together hearts, uniting spirits in one spirited radiance. It also spreads to visiting friends and family from far away with its gentle magic. Every time this small miracle is renewed, it is impossible to understand it, but it surely creates the decorations, which during the festive period, make our houses more beautiful, warm, united and twinkling.

Garlands intertwined with holly, fir branches, colourful berries and pinecones; candle holders in the shape of Christmas trees or angel wings, sprinkled with gold and silver glitter; ornaments and baubles of every shape. Everywhere you look, there is something that effuses celebration, spirituality of this lovely warmth that makes these days magical and special.

We have chosen 10 Christmas Home decorations for you to make your house more welcoming at Christmas. You can find all items on



Modern style musician angel



For example, these marvellous statuettes of musical angels, small carved maple wood masterpieces which are handpainted by artisans in Valgardena. Their enchanting faces and shining colours emit both the delicacy and joy of the holiday.




Christmas decoration candle holder ring roses silvery glitter




For those who can’t go without soft lights and warm candles, this shining pink garland is ideal, perfect as a centrepiece or to decorate a little nook or cranny. It gives a touch of elegance to all types of furnishings.



Christmas candle-holder




More rustic but no less festive, this lime wood candle holder depicts the Sacred family or an angel, which makes you think of certain magical childhood lanterns. The candle completely protects the subject on its walls, in a game of light and shadows which is simply magical.


Olive wood star candle-holder





Also, for those who love having many candles, this simple and elegant candle holder, made with olive wood from the Holy Land, is make of seven stacked modules that together make a star.





Nativity with tree 9x7.5cm




You don’t need much to create a festive atmosphere, to decorate a corner of the house and make it special. This delightful ornament depicts a nativity scene with a tree and comet star, and already it seems to gather all the Christmas spirit on its own, all with its mysterious wonder.


Christmas decoration candle holder ring small roses silver glitt





White roses sprinkled with gold, which remind you of snow and ice, while their satin core burns the hot light of the Christmas candles. Elegance and a touch of glamour for those who can’t do the festive season without style and sophistication.


Image of baby Jesus on wood, 11cm





A simplicity that reminds you of the small, special things. A trinket that reminds you of childhood, the figure of baby Jesus printed and decorated with gold details and colourful rhinestones on the wood. Buy this to be a child again, to rediscover a part of yourself.

Decorated advent garland





An advent wreath decorated with pine branches and golden leaves, pine cones and sleet. An elegant centrepiece that is also a liturgical crown that will give the house a new spirituality.


Christmas angel music box, a star shall guide us




Christmas also means music and, in addition to traditional songs, what makes you think of the Christmas spirit more than music box music? Here is the wonderful Angel of Christmas-Carillon, exquisitely decorated with wings and a relief dress that represents the Nativity.

The carillon plays the melody “O Holy Night”, is a great gift idea and a piece of furniture for the house.


Three angels with book, Christmas decoration





Another simple, yet lovely, object: three little angels reading from an open book. An image evokes warmth and closeness on cold winter evenings.