10 decorations for your Christmas tree

10 decorations for your Christmas tree

The summer seemed to be over in the blink of an eye, and it is weird to think about Christmas already. Yet, as autumn turns the leaves gold and the first cold invites you to get out your warmer, softer, cozier clothes, while the sunset is clouded with purple and silver and we rediscover comforting hot drinks and warm homes, our minds already fly to the time when we’re going to pull out the tree and decorate it for the best Christmas ever.

The charm of Christmas decorations has an ancient and precious tradition. Infinitely fragile, beautiful trinkets, which we were scared to break by just looking at them as children, still drew us in with their fascinating precious jewels.

Even today, as the Christmas spirit starts to spread again, I am instantly reminded of its enchanting decorations. I still have some, which have miraculously escaped time, being hit and moving house, and are enclosed in an overstuffed suitcase, just like a precious treasure. Moreover, every year I like to renew my tree, but always keeping tradition and that slightly old-fashioned taste in mind, which calls to mind past Christmases and stories lost to time.

Online Christmas decorations will soon satisfy this desire to renew and decorate the tree, offering the possibility of targeted and well-structured research. I have already decided what I will give as presents next Christmas: high quality, exclusive and beautiful Christmas items found online, handmade with traditional techniques and painted with the taste and care of times gone by.

Below is a selection of 10 Christmas tree decorations that you can find on holyart.com

Heart Shaped Bauble in gold blown glass with gold tree decoration 100mm




100mm tree decoration with a golden glass heart and rhinestones. A fragile, lightweight glass heart decorated with gold filigree and tiny rhinestones, like lace woven by elves.





Christmas tree angel decoration Holy Land olive wood



Wooden olive tree Bethlehem angel tree decoration. Handmade by craftsmen in Bethlehem with olive tree wood that has been wrapped in its silver greenery for centuries in this distant land, now made infinitely closer.



Christmas bauble, ivory and silver glass 15cm





15cm ivory silver glass Christmas tree decoration, made of opaque ivory blown glass, painted and decorated by hand. A decoration inspired by Victorian Christmas trees: elegant and refined, like the waltz.



Christmas tree decoration in Holy Land olive wood, drop with nat




Olive teardrop Holy Land nativity tree decoration: the whole mystery and wonder of Christmas Eve in a teardrop shape, carved in olive wood. A decoration that is also a crib, and whose simplicity and perfection contains all the soul of the festive feast.



Oval Christmas bauble in green and gold blown glass 130mm





130mm Green and gold egg ball for Christmas tree. I chose this unique decoration, but really, I love all the decorations from this series: authentic blown glass jewellery, which is painted and decorated by hand, reminiscent of the shape and technique of the traditional priceless Fabergé eggs.



Heart Shaped Bauble in blown glass with lace decoration 100mm




100mm Lace glass heart decoration made of blown glass and painted by hand with a lace pattern, which tells of an ancient and refined tradition. Delicate and beautiful, each piece is unique and unrepeatable.



Christmas tree bauble, gold painted glass 15cm




15cm Golden painted glass tree decoration, created with traditional methods and hand tools to ensure that each piece is unique and valuable. The precious gold painting and exquisite decorations emphasise rather than conceal the delicate beauty of these decorations.




Heart Shaped Bauble in blown glass with red and gold decoration in relief 100mm





100mm Red/gold heart with relief decorations, a few red brush strokes to give a festive touch to this beautiful heart-shaped, blown glass decoration, handmade with relief decoration.


Heart Shaped bauble in black and gold blown glass with red stones 100mm





100mm Black and gold Christmas heart and red stones, a decoration that is a treasure: blown glass adorned with synthetic stones that make you think of a fairytale treasure chest.



Christmas bauble, red blown glass and gold decorations 15cm





15cm Red blown glass Christmas bauble with golden decorations, another vintage-style object that reminds you of big trees in the living room, decorated like those in the wonderful tradition of Charles Dickens’ novels.